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Everybody is familiar with Plano, Texas but not even all of the residents know how great the city is for finding international travel services. This isn’t the typical city you would think of for being able to travel abroad. One of the top travel destinations is China. Traveling to China from the US means that you will need to have a China visa. Visa processes aren’t as difficult as they seem. You’ll have to use the China Embassy located in Houston to get a travel visa. If you can’t make this trip or don’t want to mail it in you still have another option. Travel Visa Pro allows you to stay local and get your China visa in Plano.

There is a high demand for travel services in Plano. Many of travel services can be found across the state but it can be a hassle driving between them. Travel Visa Pro has a full-service office in Houston but has other offices around the state to extend our services to these areas. Travel Visa Pro in Plano offers passport renewals and manages related services. We have an experienced staff onsite to assist with a wide range of travel needs, including Authentication, Apostille, Certification, Attestation, Certification and Embassy Legalization services.

Travel Visa Pro is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get your China via in Plano. You even save money on not having to ship your visa application. Ask about our expedited visa process in you need it for a last minute trip. We have built a long working relationship with the China Embassy to understand the process of getting a visa. There are several different visa types so it’s important to pick the right one.


China Visa in Plano


Travel Visa Pro has a great visa application process. You’ll first receive a FREE quote for us to double check your application and other materials. We’ll make sure that you’re not missing anything that could cause a delay in getting your visa. After we receive your application we’ll send you an update on it as well as a final notification when your official China visa is back in our office.


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