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Traveling internationally can seem like a complicated feat, but it’s not that difficult when you know where to go for assistance with the paperwork! Travel Visa Pro provides residents of Pleasant Ridge, Michigan with the opportunity to get ahold of a passport in half the usual wait time, meaning they can travel within two to four weeks rather than having to wait two months! In addition, we drastically cut down wait times on passport renewals so that you can be ready to go within hours.

Both experienced international travelers and globetrotters-in-training can find themselves facing unexpected problems as they go through the passport application process, but it can be hard to ask for help when you need it. Our passport renewal agency in Pleasant Ridge, agents are happy to patiently guide you through each step of your application all the way from capturing your passport photo to receiving your documents in the mail. We’re here to be a resource for you, answering any questions you might have and walking you through all of the paperwork.

Our team works closely alongside consulates and embassies worldwide, making sure that the information you’re given before moving along with the process is accurate and up-to-date. It doesn’t matter if you have an emergent need for updated documents or are planning your trip months ahead of time; we prioritize your needs and aim to keep you feeling confident in your itinerary.


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