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If you’re planning a family vacation in Europe but realize not everyone has a valid travel document, then let TVP help you do the passport renewal in Portland. We are situated throughout the country and have 5 major locations where we offer full passport and client, and appointment services. Yet, we also provide a multitude of drop-off and pick-up offices in the United States.

You can get apply for your passport renewal by visiting Travel Visa Pro in Portland online services. Our website provides you with comprehensive advice on getting your passport renewed quickly. Whether it’s an emergency or an upcoming holiday that requires you to leave the country, then our agents will make sure you have your new passport in hand before you travel.

If your children are now over 16 years, they will need to apply for their first adult passport, which is valid for 10 years. If they are still under 16 years, we can help you obtain a child’s passport, valid for 5 years. For adult US citizens who meet the standard passport criteria, can expedite their passport renewal in Portland within 1-7 business days. If you have time to wait and no reason to rush the application, we can assist at a budget rate to get your new passport within 18 business days.


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Portland Passport Renewal Service


The government fees are additional as they are paid to the “U.S. Department of State” via a separate check. Fees are $170.00 if applying for a passport book renewal, however, if you need to renew your passport book and passport card, the government fee is $200.

As an accredited passport agency, we can offer passport services to ensure you can travel when you need to. So, if your US passport expired, about to expire within 6 months, or does not have at least 2 blank pages available, then get in touch Travel Visa Pro for your passport renewal. This drop-off and pick-up office is conveniently situated in Portland so you can deliver your renewal application and collect your new passport and personal documents.

Call our agents to arrange the drop-off of your documents.  We offer various passport services at various rates to ensure we can help any US traveler reach their destination. What do you need to include for your passport renewal?

  1. Complete and submit the Form DS-82 on the US State Department’s website. You will receive a 2D barcode on your application. Print and sign the form.
  2. Include your most recent passport issued within the last 15 years when you over the age of 16. If you cannot present it because it’s damaged, lost, or stolen, then you need to follow the new passport application process.
  3. Two recent, color, and identical passport photographs (no glasses may be worn).
  4. For business trips, you must submit an official letter signed by your employer, which outlines the details of your trip.
  5. Two signed letters of authorization so our agents can work on your behalf to get your passport renewed on time.
  6. If you’re renewing a second passport, you must include both current passports along with a completed statement for a second passport renewal request.

We do have concierge services that provide a form-filling and document checking service, however these services are limited at the drop-off locations. If you need any help, talk to us and we will do our very best to help you.



Reliable Passport Renewal in Portland


Our travel specialists can advise you on how to get through a passport renewal in Portland. Travel Visa Pro’s services are made-to-measure ensuring we meet the needs of all our clients. If you only need to leave in the next month, we can get your passport renewed within 12-18 business days for $149. But, if you need to leave sooner, we can help you in 7-11 business days or even in 1-3 business days.

If you need a Same Day or Next Day passport renewal service, we can assist immediately. Simply call Travel Visa Pro for a reservation to ensure the service is guaranteed. We also offer premium services for corporate travelers who don’t have time to hassle about paperwork. Let the TVP agents take care of the detail for you, so sign up for one of our premium packages.

Travel Visa Pro offers expedited passport services to get your passport applications processed quickly and efficiently. Our purpose is to get you a new passport when you need it and that’s why we have an Emergency Service that could get your passport renewed in eight hours.


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