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Known as “The Pretzel City” due to an abundance of pretzel bakeries, Reading is the fifth largest city in Pennsylvania. It’s the namesake of Reading Railroad, which used to transport anthracite coal from the Pennsylvania coal region to the rest of the eastern United States.

While there’s plenty of interesting history to Reading, locals might be wondering how they can go about getting a passport and embark on an international voyage. If you’ve found yourself looking for fast and friendly service that allows you to be on your way in no time, Travel Visa Pro is the perfect resource for you!

Our team has a number of fantastic facilities located throughout the United States, including an office in Philadelphia. Here, residents of Reading can get assistance with their passport application, including with paperwork and submission. Our agents are happy to provide you with expedited services that slice the average turnaround time for passports in half and process renewals within a matter of hours. While it’s possible to submit your passport application at your local post office, that process can take up to eight weeks. Our passport renewal agency in Reading can save you weeks’ worth of waiting, putting you on your way much sooner. It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing an expired passport or have never had one in your possession before. Our team is eager to give you a seamless travel experience regardless.


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