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Redwood City is a city within California’s Bay Area. It is located roughly 27 miles from San Francisco and 24 miles from San Jose. Today, the city is home to many great companies, including Box, Evernote, Oracle, and Electronic Arts. More importantly, the city’s inhabitants are some of the nicest people in the entire world. Our passport renewal agency in Redwood  is happy to say that we’ve been serving the residents of Redwood City for an extensive period of time. We’ve helped these individuals acquire passports, visas, and everything in between.

If you are ready to travel abroad, you’ll first want to take a detour to our local offices. A friendly staff member with Travel Visa Pro will sit down with you and gain more insight to your upcoming trip. This individual will work with you closely to ensure that your visa or passport application is submitted right away. Then, it will only be a short period of time, before your document is resting in your hands.


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Do you need to acquire a new passport in less than 24 hours? Do not worry! We’ve got you covered. Just visit our conveniently located Sacramento, CA office. An expert there will help you fill out your application, so you will be ready to travel before you know it.

Our experts are trained to check and doublecheck their work. We want to make sure that all problems are avoided. We will not tolerate for our clients’ trips to be delayed. Our workers get the job done right on the first attempt!


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