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China is a popular destination for holidaymakers and business people for a number of reasons. However, sadly the visa process is not the easiest to complete. But, thankfully for you, we are the ones who can help you get a China visa in Sacramento. All you need to do is download an application form and bring it to us with a US passport with six months validation, a passport photo and any flight, itinerary and accommodation information.

When filling in your form, you may be worried that something could be amiss. Now, you want your visa application to be entirely correct because one mistake could cost you time and money. So, for peace of mind take advantage of our Form Fill service. Our professional staff will proofread you paperwork, correct any mistakes and ask you for more information if you need it. We know the documentation you need, and if there is anything you do not have, we can help you to get the documents you require.

Business customers who need a China visa in Sacramento can inquire about our top of the line options. With the concierge and Executive Choice services, our staff will come in to speak for you if you need extra assistance and will be on call for when and if you have any questions. With your visa application, business clients will need to bring a company letter from the US employer and a letter from a Chinese partner with details of the nature of the trip. We will help you out with the rest.


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China Visa in Sacramento


Come into Travel Visa Pro in Sacramento to use our expedited visa service. Just perfect if you are traveling right away, with the visa (or passport) delivered within 8 hours. We use our knowledge and contacts to work magic so you can get away as soon as possible.

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