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The fastest way to get a passport is by using Travel Visa Pro in Sacramento. Our office can accommodate expedited passport requests to get a passport within hours. Getting a passport no longer has to be a hassle when applying right before your trip. Some trips are last minute while others may have simply forgot about their passport. In either case, Travel Visa Pro can assist you with the process.


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Many people find the passport process very time consuming. There are several requirements to the application as well and there are many factors that can affect the processing time. The typical way is by going to a local government office to submit your application which can take weeks, if not more than a month to complete. If you are in a hurry with your passport needs, you should contact Travel Visa Pro, otherwise, you can visit the Sacramento Passport Agency.

With Travel Visa Pro, we specialize in the expedited process. You can receive your passport in the same day, within eight hours of submitting your application. You’ll never have to worry about delaying your trip again due to a lack of having a passport. You can even apply for your passport renewals through our passport agency in Sacramento. Passports must be kept in very specific condition to be considered valid. If it fails to pass either of the conditions, you’ll have to mail it in along with your application. We are your one stop shop for all of your passport needs for your trip abroad.


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