Passport Photos in San Francisco

If you’re applying for a Travel Visa Pro in San Francisco and don’t want to stress about parking as you’re driving from the pharmacy to the passport agency to any consulate that can process your visas, Travel Visa Pro should be your one and only destination. Conveniently located in Pacific Heights, our offices are a place you can do it all: take and print passport photos, apply for a new passport or a renewed one, and let our travel experts know to which countries you’ll be traveling on your trip and if you need any visas.


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Taking Passport Photos for the first time?


Getting your picture taken is one matter, but finding a photo that’s acceptable for the US department of state is a necessity if you don’t want to have your application returned and your travels delayed. Naturally, you should face the camera with both eyes open. Closed-mouth smiles are allowed, but hats and head coverings are not unless specifically noted they are for religious or medical reasons. Recently, the US Department of State stopped allowing glasses to be worn in passport photos.

TVP will take your picture for any current applications, but if you plan on using the extra photos later on, it’s important to remember any passport or visa application generally requires pictures be taken within the previous six months. The travel (and passport photo) experts at our offices will make sure your pictures are taken against a white background and sized correctly for applications: 2”x2”.


What if I plan to change my appearance between trips?


Even if you take your passport photos in one of our offices, we use them for your applications, and you show up to immigration looking exactly as you are, your passport has another ten years’ validity… what if your appearance changes drastically?

Good news: growing a beard, mustache, longer hair, or changing your hair color doesn’t mean you have to go through the process of applying for a new passport. However, significant changes to your face including piercings, tattoos, or a large amount of weight loss/gain can be grounds for immigration rejecting your passport. In addition, no uniforms or camouflage clothing may be worn.


Passport Photos in San Francisco, CA


Choosing to have your passport photos taken at one of Travel Visa Pro’s nine offices not only saves you a trip to the pharmacy, but ensures your photos will be looked over by experts who understand what types of pictures consular offices are sure to accept without delays. Just $20 will get you two photos good for any number of applications. Are you ready to come in and smile for the camera?


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