China Visa in San Jose

So, you are looking for a China visa in San Jose, and you want some help, but you do not know where to start. You have come to the right place. For starters, we advise you to bring the visa application form with you to Travel Visa Pro in San Jose along with a US passport valid for at least six months, a passport photo and your travel details (flight, itinerary and accommodation information) and we can get started on the process right away.

The Chinese visa form can be challenging to navigate, so let our experts at Travel Visa Pro guide you. Our Form Fill service is the perfect option for you, as we will look through your application for mistakes or missed questions and help you provide any further documentation that you require. Some travelers have found that one error or missed question can end up costing money and time, so let us take away the stress and make your paperwork correct and proper.

Some travelers might need information on transit visas. Thankfully for you, this is a visa you can apply for on arrival. You will be granted a 24, 72 or 144-hour visa, depending on the city.

Business clients have the option of our top of the line services – the concierge and Executive Choice options. These services give you added peace of mind knowing that our trained and experienced consultants will speak on your behalf if there is any trouble. We will answer any questions you have as soon as possible. When applying for a China visa in San Jose for business, please provide official letters from your employer and partner in China stating the nature of your trip.


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China Visa in San Jose


We have a super fast expedited visa service where we use our contacts in the Chinese embassy to arrange your visa within 8 hours. You can have the visa (and passport) in your hands today, so you are set and ready to go, hassle free!

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