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For your passport renewal in San Jose, get in touch with the passport specialists at Travel Visa Pro. As a certified passport agency, we can assist you with renewing your passport, no matter how urgently you need it, as long as you meet the passport requirements. If you received your current US passport after the age of 16 and it was issued within the last 15 years, then you qualify for the standard passport renewal.

Travel Visa Pro in San Jose services are tailored to meet any traveler’s needs. If you need to go abroad urgently, you can order the Emergency Service for $599 and receive your new passport in 8 hours or order the Next Day Service for a new passport issued within one business day for $429. Other options include the Urgent Passport Service for $299 to ensure you get your passport renewed within 5 business days, or the Rush Passport for $199 within 10 days. If your international trip is not an emergency and you’re simply planning your next holiday, you can opt for the Budget Passport at $99 and receive your passport within 20 days.

Travel Visa Pro also offers an Executive Choice Service at $599 for personalized one-on-one attention to expedite your passport renewal. Our service fees are additional to the government fees, where the US State Department requires $170 for a passport book renewal or $200 for the passport book and card. So, how do you know it is time to renew your passport?


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If your current US passport has expired, or due to expire within six months of your intended dates of travel, or you have less than two blank passport pages, then it’s time to get your application started with Travel Visa Pro. We have a number of offices across the US that offer different services. Some locations provide full passport services such as consultations and document checking, while others only offer drop-off and pick-up services. The drop-off locations are available for you to deliver your application and collect your passport and documents once the passport is issued.

For a passport renewal in San Jose, you can use our drop-off and pick-up location. First, you’ll need to prepare your application and supporting documentation according to the passport renewal requirements. The US State Department requires that you complete and sign the Form DS-82, which is specific to passport renewals. You’ll need to submit your current US passport with the application and it will be returned along with your renewed passport. Note that if your passport is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to follow the process for a new passport instead of a passport renewal.


All applicants need to include two identical and recent color passport photographs (without glasses), and an international itinerary that shows your date of departure from the US. Where you’re unable to include an itinerary, you can submit a formal letter from your employer, on a company letterhead, which is signed by an official company representative, containing the appropriate travel details. If you’re traveling to Canada or Mexico, you can supply details of your hotel reservation. Where you cannot submit an itinerary, simply download and sign the statement from the Travel Visa Pro website and include it with your application drop-off.

As a client of TVP, we will need you to sign and submit a Letter of Authorization allowing us to process your passport renewal application on your behalf. Once all the relevant documentation is prepared, visit Travel Visa Pro online to order your passport renewal. Once we have received your passport renewal request, please get in touch with our San Jose office to arrange the drop-off of your application and documents.


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Different circumstances may affect different travelers. If you hold two US passports and the second passport has expired, you can follow the standard passport renewal process, but additional information is required such as submitting a letter explaining why the second passport is needed. Note that second passports are only valid for four years.

If your name has legally changed due to marriage, divorce, or whatever reason, you can renew your US passport as long as you include the legal documentation showing evidence of the official name change. However, if your name change was issued before your recent passport, you will then have to apply for a new passport instead of a passport renewal.

Travel Visa Pro can assist you with your passport renewal in San Jose without delay, so get your passport renewal request submitted to us online.


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