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Living on the peninsula shouldn’t make getting a passport difficult. When you’re living in the Bay Area, whether you have to take the 101 to get to San Francisco or are commuting by ferry from the north, finding passport services for an upcoming international trip doesn’t have to be a hassle. Travel Visa Pro offers residents of San Mateo passport renewals and first timers the opportunity to get passport books with the assistance of seasoned travel professionals. When you need a passport renewal agency in San Mateo after your book has been lost or damaged, the application process isn’t always as easy as showing up to the nearest passport agency without an appointment and hoping you’ll get everything back in time for your trip.


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The closest passport agency to San Mateo is in San Francisco, but these offices can experience delays based on demand in addition to any you might personally experience by not bringing in the right documentation. Travel Visa Pro’s staff are just a short drive or Caltrain ride away, ensuring San Mateo passport holders get the services they need without traveling far.


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