Expedited Passport in Santa Barbara, CA

California is a hot spot for travelers traveling into and out of the state searching for new adventures. To engage in any of these activities, you must have a valid passport, and sometimes, you find out that you need one at short notice. If you need an expedited passport in Santa Barbara, Travel Visa Pro is here to meet your every passport need. We have extensive coverage in California, with offices in locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, San Jose, and Bakersfield. So, it’s easy for you to find a drop-off point. Better yet, you can skip the commute and send your documents to us via courier. There is no impediment to getting a passport in Santa Barbara, CA!


Expedited Passport in Santa Barbara

Have you ever sought state departmental passport services? If yes, you are familiar with the bureaucracy in these offices. Not only must you book an appointment to submit your application, but you are also subject to long queues and prolonged waiting times. Sometimes, you have to revise your application which only adds to the waiting time. It’s easy to miss a flight when waiting for your passport, even after you have expedited it.

Is there an alternative? Yes! Travel Visa Pro, a passport agency in Santa Barbara, was created as an intermediary between the state and you. Thanks to our services, you will not need to pop into the state passport services and go through the back and forth in the submission process. Instead, you can delegate this role to us, and our agents will take care of everything on your behalf. The best part about using our services is that you can expedite your application when making an order. So, whether you need your passport in a day or can wait a week, let us know, and we will process it accordingly.

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Passport Renewal in Santa Barbara

Many people know that expired passports. But did you know that having a valid passport is sometimes not enough? Some countries may require you to have at least 6 months of validity on your passport. We advise our clients to renew their passports when they have 9 months of validity left. It allows you to get your passport ready by the time you leave the country. Please note that you cannot avoid getting a passport renewal in Santa Barbara, CA when you will be in your host country for longer than 90 days. In most cases, you cannot even get a visa with a limited passport.

So, what do you need to renew a passport? Making a passport application in Santa Barbara is easy. All you need is your current passport, a complete DS-82 form, passport photos, proof of travel, and a letter of authorization. You can prepare and send these documents to us or can ask for our concierge services.

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Passport Agency in Santa Barbara

We know that our travelers may need more than a passport to embark on their travel plans. Sometimes, you may need a visa to go through immigration in your destination. At other times, you may need to provide certified official documents when traveling for work or school. TVP also handles visa and authentication services under one roof. So, if you need accompanying documents as you prepare your passport, be sure to add this to your application.


Passport Services in Santa Barbara

We offer various passport services in Santa Barbara, including new passport applications, second passports, replacements, and name changes. You can reach our agents via +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472) for advice on which passport best suits your needs.



How to Get a Passport in Santa Barbara, CA?

Anyone in Santa Barbara, California, who wants a new passport must present proof of citizenship, proof of identification, two identical passport photos, and a complete DS-11 form to a state acceptance agent. Travel Visa Pro agents can then handle the review and application processes on your behalf, aiding you in getting your passport within days.

How to Renew a Passport in Santa Barbara, CA?

Passport renewal in Santa Barbara is a relatively straightforward process. You only need to provide your current passport (unaltered and undamaged), a complete DS-82 form, and two identical & colored passport photos. The process is much faster with Travel Visa Pro, where you can skip the long lines and renew your passport within a few days or hours!


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