Expedited Passport in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz boasts some of the best shorelines in the world, making it one of the best places to surf in the U.S. and beyond. Even so, you may want to see what other coastlines have to offer and may be considering getting a passport in Santa Cruz, CA. The good news is that you can quickly complete your passport application in Santa Cruz and get a passport in days. And it’s all thanks to our expedited passport services!


Expedited Passport in Santa Cruz

A typical passport application in Santa Cruz can take weeks or months to complete due to the backlog in the state passport offices. As such, when you make an application during a peak season, you may have to wait longer than anticipated before you can get a response. And while the state passport office offers an expedition service, this can also take weeks despite having priority.

Not many people have the luxury of waiting weeks or months to get a passport application in Santa Cruz. Some need to leave the next week or even in a few days. If you fall into this rush category, worry not – you will not need to keep up with the delays at the state passport offices. Moreover, you will not need to visit the state passport offices, as Travel Visa Pro will handle the entire passport application in Santa Cruz.

We have an easy ordering system that allows you to choose how fast you want to get your passport – it could be a few days or weeks. Our agents then submit your application, follow up on it, and deliver the passport within the time indicated in your application.

If you need to leave in a few days owing to an emergency, you can always take advantage of our expedited emergency and rush passports. While these can take up to a week to process in state passport offices, we offer much shorter timelines, including hours in some cases! For these passports, please get in touch with our agents at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472) for directions on submitting your application.

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Passport Renewal in Santa Cruz

Obtaining a passport renewal in Santa Cruz is subject to the same delays you would face when getting a new passport in Santa Cruz. But with Travel Visa Pro, you can skip the lines and wait for your passport at home by providing us with the following:

  • Your most current passport – should be in good condition, in your possession, and not have expired more than 15 years ago,
  • Two identical and recent passport-style photographs, and
  • A complete DS-82 form.

We advise our clients to renew their passports nine months before expiration. It gives you enough time to get a new passport and enables you to travel to regions with strict passport validity requirements.

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Passport Agency in Santa Cruz

Getting a passport in Santa Cruz requires interacting with the state passport offices. Often, this results in long queues and extended waiting times, disrupting your travel plans. Travel Visa Pro, an expert passport agency in Santa Cruz, is here to ease the process. We not only submit and expedite passport applications but also offer concierge and consultation services to facilitate the application process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need clarification or assistance.


Passport Application in Santa Cruz

Do you need a new passport in Santa Cruz? You only need to submit your proof of identification and citizenship, a complete DS-11 form, and two identical passport photographs. Our agents will take care of the rest of the process once you have verified the documents at an acceptance agent!


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