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The distance between Santa Monica and LAX is only 8.7 miles, and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport. It explains why so many people from this beachfront city are always flying in and out of the country. After all, transport is accessible. Even so, getting a passport in Santa Monica is not – it could be weeks or months before you can finally leave the country. And if you are in a rush, waiting this long is not ideal. The good news is that you can skip the waiting periods by getting an expedited passport in Santa Monica from Travel Visa Pro!


Expedited Passport in Santa Monica

Everyone who has applied for a passport in California knows that the state passport offices are often marred with delays. With so many people traveling abroad, passport applications stream in and out of the offices, day in and day out. Thus, getting a passport within the average times stated by the state offices is often tricky. Most people wait months to get a response, and if they’ve made any errors in their paperwork, they often have to start the process again. Waiting a few more weeks or months is not an issue for anyone who does not need to leave the country soon. But travelers who need to get a passport in Santa Monica within days or weeks cannot wait this long.

Travel Visa Pro offers an expedited passport in Santa Monica, which comes with the following perks:

  • You do not need to queue in the state passport offices: We will submit your passport application on your behalf. Moreover, we also offer review services to ensure your documents are error-free.
  • You can get your passport in days: We have an easy ordering system through which you can dictate how soon you want your passport. The timelines range from a few days to a few weeks, and you have the guarantee that you will have your passport in the stated time.

Rush and emergency passports are also available for travelers who must leave the U.S. in days and have supporting documentation detailing the priority travel needs. Talk to us at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472) about fast-tracking these priority passports.

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Passport Renewal in Santa Monica

You need to get a passport renewal in Santa Monica if your passport has expired, is close to expiry, or does not have sufficient blank pages. We recommend renewing your passport 9 months before it expires. Doing so enables you to enter regions requiring at least 6 months of validity on your passport.

To get your passport renewed, you will need to send the following documents to our Santa Monica offices:

  • Two passport photos,
  • A complete DS-82 form, and
  • Your most current passport.

Choose how soon you need your passport, and we will deliver it within the stipulated period.

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Passport Agency in Santa Monica

Travel Visa Pro prides itself in offering expedited passport services in Santa Monica and throughout the United States. Other than expedition, we also ease the passport application process by offering:

  • Review services,
  • Concierge services,
  • Form-filling services, and
  • Consultations

Our agents are available round the clock to help you get your passport in Santa Monica in time for your flight.


Passport Services in Santa Monica

Besides getting a new passport in Santa Monica or a passport renewal in Santa Monica, you can count on us to help you acquire the following:

  • Children’s passports,
  • Second passports, and
  • Name changes.

We also process visas, enabling you to cover all your travel requirements before your departure date.


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