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Our passport services include new passport applications, passport renewals, second passport application and renewals, passport applications and renewals for children, help with lost or damaged passport, changing the name on your passport or helping you get or renew a second passport. There’s nothing we cannot help you with if you just ask.

For visas, again you can apply on our website. We can get you to Brazil, China, Russia, Tanzania, Cambodia, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and any other place you can think of to go. Our company has contacts in embassies across the world and know how to get your application through without a hassle.

There are special services for those who are VIPs. Our concierge service or Executive Choice Service will have you getting the best service possible. We will be on immediate call for you if you need us and make sure your paperwork is 100 percent correct. Our owner will help you out if you choose our Executive Choice Service, giving you the best of the best at your disposal.


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We have document authentication and embassy legalization services that our expert staff know like the back of their hands. Personal customers can submit adoption documents, bank letters, car titles, certificates of naturalization, divorce decrees marriage certificates, power of attorney, school diplomas, university degrees and others. Business clients can submit certificates of amendments, certificate of good standing, certificates of origin, general agreements, letters of invitation, references and job certifications amongst many other documents that you may need to hand in.

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