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This Chicago suburb previously prided itself on its position as the largest “village” in the world and with around 65,000 residents it is certainly still more populated than most villages you will ever come across!

Skokie benefits from a location around 15 miles north of Downtown Chicago, a perfect distance for anyone who needs to commute into Chicago on a weekly or daily basis for work. It is also handy for anyone who loves popping into the city at the weekend to enjoy the vibrant nightlife on offer or the world-class selection of shops along Magnificent Mile including Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Burberry.

As you are also close to O’Hare International Airport, one of the world’s largest, you should also make sure that you have a valid passport so you can take advantage of the huge range of worldwide destinations on offer. While you are strolling around Downtown Chicago you should pop into Travel Visa Pro if you have any questions about renewing your passport. Maybe it is close to expiring, has become damaged or you just can’t find it! The specialists here can advise and assist you in all aspects of the renewal process and will provide an efficient and hassle-free service ensuring your application is completed promptly.


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Sometimes you may require a new passport at very short notice; you may have an urgent business meeting that you must attend or possibly a family emergency requiring you to travel in the coming days. If you find yourself in this situation and your passport has expired or been misplaced there is no need to panic if as you can take advantage of the expedited passport service offered by our passport renewal agency in Skokie, which guarantees your passport arrives on a very tight schedule, even if it is needed as fast as a few days!


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