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A huge number of international travelers make Florida their entryway to the United States, but plenty of Americans based near Tampa, Miami, and Orlando also fly out to distant lands and are in need of help. Anyone based in St. Petersburg who flies internationally on a regular basis may need assistance with his visa and passport applications. For these reasons and more, Travel Visa Pro is now offering services at a pick up and drop off location in St. Petersburg. Whether you’re someone who travels for work or leisure, stop by our offices and see what we have to offer. Our staffed offices at nine locations across the country and our pick up and drop off locations like the ones in Florida can help with any of the paperwork you might need processed prior to a big trip.

Whether you need a new passport for the first time in years or are applying for a renewal days after your old book expired, there are many steps to the application process with which you might simply not wish to handle. Passports issued to children before they turned sixteen must be renewed as adult passports that age. If your passport has been damaged or issued more than 15 years ago, you typically need to apply for a brand new book and not a renewal. Whether you want a second passport book for travelling across Asia or a passport card for a Caribbean cruise, all the appropriate travel documents can be obtained by the experts at Travel Visa Pro.


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If you need travel services in St. Petersburg, TVP is here to save you money on shipping. All the different documents you may need to compile and send out for your trip can come from foreign consulates that may not be available in St. Petersburg, regional passport offices (the closest is in Miami), and the US Department of State. Requiring a faster turnaround for your passport renewal or a visa for a country without an online application or a consular office in St. Petersburg means you’ll need to send everything out separately.

Rather than putting yourself through this, you can always choose to visit or ship everything to a reliable third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro. As long as you place a minimum order ($99) for any of our travel services in St. Petersburg, we will forward your applications to our closest staffed office free of charge for processing, whether you need expedited service or just a helping hand with the paperwork. This pick up and drop off location also allows our clients to call us using an St. Petersburg phone number, review us on Yelp as a local business, and search for us with Google Maps.


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There’s more to travel preparations than simply printing forms from an embassy or State Department website, filling them out, and hoping everything works out in time. Forms returned due to missing supporting documentation or containing any errors can mean costly delays, sometimes resulting in cancelled trips or invalid visas. At Travel Visa Pro, we’ll work with you to ensure the documents you need are processed in the time you have. Should you need a passport renewal in as little as 1-2 business days, TVP’s St. Petersburg office can discuss your options.

St. Petersburg’s offices may not be staffed with TVP travel experts, but it still offers a variety of services designed to meet each individual traveler’s needs. Staff members in Miami processing your applications have over forty years’ experience handling visa and passport applications and building relationships with those in the industry who can ease the tension in the bureaucracy, making it easier for your paperwork to be accepted.


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Our pick up and drop off services are just the beginning of what our staff around the country can offer residents of St. Petersburg. Why pay to ship your documents to an unknown company across the country when you can walk up to a Travel Visa Pro in your own city and send your documents and applications for free? We can offer passport renewals in as little as 1-2 business days, visa services to countries that might otherwise be difficult to obtain, and expedited service in all areas according to your budget and schedule. Celebrating over ten years in business, we are the professionals in the visa and passport expediting industry you need when it comes time to travel.


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