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Have you looked high and low for your passport only to come up empty handed? If you have an upcoming vacation or business trip planned to an international country, you will not have time to delay. In fact, the application process to obtain a visa or passport can be drawn out, but here at Travel Visa Pro, we have access to resources that can speed up the process. To obtain your same day visa or passport, you will need to either visit or contact our Seattle, Washington office, where you will be paired with a qualified travel agent. You do not have to let that lost passport consume your day, when we are available to assist in replacing it. If you have reported the passport lost or stolen, it will become invalidated. This means that you will have to reapply for a new passport, which can be a timely process, if you go through the U.S. Passports & International Travel. To avoid the potential delays, contact our passport renewal agency in Yakima, where a team of experts is waiting on your call. When you request a replacement or new visa, we will immediately initiate the application process. With your help and our skills, we will make sure you receive your travel documents in 24 hours or less. Even if you are in need of a transgender passport, we can help you. When applying for a new transgender passport, you will need an ID, government-issued ID or driver’s license, proof of citizenship, court order if you changed your name, medical certification and passport fees.


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