At Travel Visa Pro, we understand that time is not always on your side when it comes to the processing of passports. As such, we offer executive choice passport options for damaged passports, allowing you to focus on your day to day activities while we focus on the processing. A specialist will take on the task by filling in the required forms, following up with the state department and ensuring that the process comes to an end within 24 hours. If need be, we will stay up late into the night while keeping you updated on the progress of the application. Once we receive the documents, we will hand deliver them to you and can arrange for an Uber where necessary. We ensure that you get your passport within the given time and if we do not meet your timeline, we have a money-back guarantee. Added services include a specialist on call 24 hours a day, a passport cover and a leather tag.

We provide this executive choice passport option to anyone who wishes to replace their damaged passport, as long as it is valid. In a case where the document in question is no longer valid, we will advise you to apply for a new passport, something that our specialists can undertake in your stead. You will require two DS 11 forms which our specialist can fill on your behalf. We will also need two letters of authorization to help us in undertaking the process as well as two valid passport photos, proof of US citizenship and identity. Travel plans are also necessary in the form of booking confirmations, plane tickets, and letters from your place of work as well as any other relevant documents on the same.

We will work around your schedule to ensure that you need not leave your activities to handle the processing. Thank you for trusting us with this service!