Our executive choice passport options are ideal for top business travelers who wish to get their passport name changes in record time and at high convenience. At Travel Visa Pro, we will provide you with an agent who will cater to all your processing needs, including the filling in of forms. Our agent will ensure that you stay updated on the progress of your name change and will even work well into the night to ensure that you get what you want. Once the name change is complete, our specialist will hand-deliver the passport to you, and where requested, we can have the document delivered to you by Uber. In the package, you will find a leather tag as well as a passport cover to help you better enjoy your trip. We offer a money-back guarantee as a show of good faith.

From the start, our agent will let you know whether you are eligible for a name change or not. Supposing you have changed your legal name within a year from the issue of your passport, you can continue with the process. If you conducted the name change over a year ago, you qualify for renewal, and we offer executive choice passport options on the same.

You will require to furnish us with details which the agent will then enter is the DS 5504 application form. We will also request that you hand us two passport photos taken in the last three months which are an authentic likeness of you and a valid passport.

We also need documents to ascertain your need to travel on a short notice which can be in the form of plane tickets to foreign nations, letters from your employer or travel itineraries. The most important documents in all these are those that show the name change, and you can either use a marriage certificate or a court decree.

Our agent will take over the process once you sign the letters of authorization. You should have your amended passport in no time. Thank you!