Passport Renewal - Executive Choice Passport

An executive choice passport renewal enables you to be in possession of a renewed passport in less than twenty-four hours while getting top-tier services. For you to qualify for passport renewal, your current passport should be in good condition. You should also have obtained it within the last fifteen years; else you will require a new passport. It is also necessary that you were over the age of sixteen when getting your current passport. What’s more, you should not have changed your legal name, and if you have, you should have supporting documents on the same. If you have any questions as to any of the above requirements, you will have a dedicated agent on call 24 hours a day to help you through it.

The standard requirements when renewing a passport are complete DS 82 copies, two letters of authorization, two valid passport photos and your most recent undamaged passport. For us to go ahead with the executive choice passport processing, you have to provide us with your travel itinerary. It should show that you will be traveling in the next two weeks or that you will be processing a visa in the coming four weeks. You can prove this by using plane tickets to foreign countries, a travel itinerary showing where you will visit overseas or a letter from your place of work.

We recommend this passport option to top-level business travelers who wish to save time and experience personalized services as they go through this process. You will have an agent walk you through the process as they fill in the necessary forms and update you on their progress. We will work long and hard including during after hours to ensure that you get your passport on time. Delivery will be by hand, and we offer a money-back guarantee for unmet demands. At Travel Visa Pro, we have your business travel needs covered. Contact us today.


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