Most people who travel on a frequent basis often find themselves using second passports in a bid to operate efficiently. At Travel Visa Pro, we understand that your focus is on saving time and as such, we endeavor to provide second passport renewals within strict timelines. We do this in the form of an executive choice passport. The moment you come to us for this service, we get you a specialist who will work as per your timeline and around your schedule to ensure that the renewal is fast. We will work after-hours, and we will update you on every stage of the process. First off, we will walk you through the passport renewal requirements to ensure that you are eligible for a renewal. If you prove ineligible, our specialist will work to find what options would work best for you and they will present the same to you.

As long as your current passport is in excellent condition and you can prove that you need to travel within a short time, we can move ahead with the processing. We will start you off with two letters of authorization which will enable us to take hold of the entire process. Other requirements include two passport photos, a renewal request form, your current passport, and two complete DS 82 forms. We will also require proof of travel such as booking confirmations, letters from your place of work or travel itineraries. Our specialist will then work on the documents and will fill in the forms where necessary, thus ensuring that your sole task is signing the papers when done. We will then receive, review and submit the documents to the state department. On completion, we will hand-deliver the executive choice passport to you and will add a leather tag and passport cover to the package. What’s more, we offer a money-back guarantee!

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