A second passport not only allows you to make your visa applications more efficient but it also provides you with safety when traveling to countries which have strict regulations. As such, it is an essential asset to anyone who is a frequent traveler. At Travel Visa Pro, we handle second passport applications for regular travelers who wish to save time during processing, and we do this in the form of an executive choice passport. With this option, you get to have an agent by your side throughout the application, and they strive to ensure that we meet your timeline. We offer a money-back guarantee to anyone whose deadline does not get met; as a show of good faith. To this day, nobody has claimed their money back, which is a show that we stick to our word.

Processing a second passport is quite easy. First, you should prove that you need an extra passport by showing that you either lack adequate time in visa processing in-between trips or that you could face security concerns when traveling. Secondly, you should have a valid passport which you will present to the state department. Given that we are expediting your application, you should also have proof of immediate travel plans which can be in the form of travel itineraries, a letter from your boss, booking confirmations or plane tickets to foreign countries. Be sure to include a declaration as to the need of a second passport; two signed letters of authorization and two passport photos. The agent assigned to your case will review the documents and fill forms where necessary to ensure that the process is fast. They will then submit the forms, follow up with negotiations while keeping you updated on their progress before collecting the passport and delivering it to you by hand.

Choose convenience today by getting an executive choice passport. We thank you for relegating your travel needs to us!