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Requirements for Entry:

Passport: valid for 6 months, 2 blank pages
Visa: Obtain your visa before traveling. Visit the Embassy of Eritrea website for the most current visa information. Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Eritrean Embassy or Consulate.
Vaccination certificate: For travelers 9 months and older coming from countries with risk of Yellow Fever.
Electronic items: All electronic items (laptops, mobile phones, cameras, etc.) should be declared upon arrival. Failure to do so may result in their confiscation by customs officials when you depart. Strict restrictions are in place for the type and quantity of electronics allowed into the country. Check with the Eritrean Ministry of Finance on the most current regulations. Non-residents may need to show that they are taking their electronics back out with them.

Receipts: Visitors must save all receipts for purchases and foreign exchanges and present these upon departure. Failure to report foreign currency or electronics, or meet customs requirements usually results in confiscation, fine, and imprisonment.

Exit Visas: U.S.-Eritrean dual nationals who enter the country on an Eritrean passport or national ID card must obtain an exit visa prior to departure. All long-term residents must also obtain an exit visa.

Exit visas, for any traveler, may be denied.
U.S.-Eritrean dual nationals who left the country after 1993 may not be allowed to depart Eritrea after visiting.
The Eritrean government may impose entry and/or exit restrictions on dual-nationals resident outside Eritrea who do not comply with tax regulations on overseas earnings.
The exit visa application process can significantly delay travel plans.
Departure Tax: There is a $20 airport departure tax normally included in airline ticket prices.

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