About Travel Visa Pro

Do you want a company that can handle any problem in your visa and passport application process, whether your travel plans require you to be abroad in under 24 hours or you have weeks to prepare?

Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with a business that has helped thousands of people navigate bureaucracies for over 10 years, a travel visa expediting agency catering to small businesses with the resources of a large one?

Travel Visa Pro prides itself on providing excellent customer service, privacy and security, and speed when helping our clients. Our experience and contact list provides your customers with a direct link to the best professionals with connections in embassies and consulates across the globe.

What can Travel Visa Pro do for you?

- We offer emergency service for all passport and visa applications. If your passport is about to expire or you need a new one in a hurry, our professional staff are standing by ready to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

- For corporate travelers in need of immediate assistance, we can offer our Executive Choice Service, handled personally by the owner of Travel Visa Pro. We will personally do everything in our power to ensure you make your trip or your money back.

- We will make certain your paperwork is free of errors and conform to requirements with our Form Fill Service. Whether you’re sending it into a foreign embassy or the US Department of State, save time, nerves, and money by letting our experts fill out your passport and visa applications.

- If you’re running short on time and want to leave the complexities of travel to us, try our Concierge Service. A TVP team member will be available to you with personal attention to your application and trip registration.

Travel Visa Pro is the company you can trust. As a proud member of many reputable travel, business, and trade associations, our staff is used to working within very tight deadlines, even with missing documentation. No situation is impossible; we always find a way to get our clients traveling on time with their documents in hand.

Who are we?

Our story is pretty straightforward. Kestutis and Renatas worked two jobs to make ends meet, juggling waiting tables at a restaurant at night and helping Russia-bound travelers during the day at a travel agency. After the owner of the agency rejected their offer to purchase a stake in the company, they decided to open up their own passport and visa expediting agency.

Travel Visa Pro was born in early August 2006 to facilitate Russian business visa applications. Small business owners must wear many hats - accountant, lawyer, courier, customer service agent, floor cleaner - and Kest and Rene were answering phones 24/7, and living in the back of the office while TVP got up and running. Their efforts paid off fabulously, and the business started to grow. As of 2017, Travel Visa Pro has nine office locations in the United States, one in Canada, and one in the United Kingdom.

Travel Visa Pro legal structure

Our company’s legal entity classification is Limited Liability Company. Our legal name is Travel Visa Pro, LLC. The company is registered with California Secretary of State as an active LLC. Travel Visa Pro is the company you can trust. Travel Visa Pro is a proud member of many reputable travel, business, and trade associations.

We have a handful of wonderful dedicated employees who help thousands of people travel every day. Our customer support and feedback help us stay motivated and work harder. 200 Yelp reviews, 62000+ subscribers to our newsletters, and over 1000 Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves:

To sum it up, Travel Visa Pro mission is to be a friendlier agency, to excel in customer service and to stand behind our commitment to quality, speed, and results.

What people say about us

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Our company has accumulated over 42 years of combined experience in visa and passport industry. All of the employees have at least 3 years experience in the industry. Most employees are bilingual. Foreign language skills help to overcome bureaucratic hurdles at certain consulates.

Kestutis Gregeris


Kest brings over 10 years of experience to the industry. He is responsible for managing our day to day operations, legal and financial aspects, and keeping all information current. A fluent speaker of Russian and is versed in all types of Russian or former USSR countries visas. Furthermore, he can make logistical issues disappear when applying for Brazil visas. He can be reached at (415) 200-4561 or emailed at kestutis@travelvisapro.com

Renatas Reklaitis


Rene brings a plethora experience to the table. He is responsible for managing our West Coast and Houston offices. In addition to this he oversees all of Travel Visa Pro’s passport processes and liaises with Department of State personnel to ensure passport regulations are followed. Lastly, he is versed in the many complications and intricacies regarding China and India visas. He can be reached at (415) 685-4775 or emailed at renatas@travelvisapro.com

Min Smuikys

Washington, DC Office Manager

Min is responsible for making sure all East Coast operations run smoothly and effectively. He is also another Russian visa gurus and can arrange a Russia visa in as little as next business day. Lastly, he overseas our Nigeria visa processing and can work with the Embassy to arrange a same day Nigeria visa. He can be reached at (202) 684-7550 or emailed at min@travelvisapro.com


VIP/Corporate Account Manager

Cameron can be contacted at cameron@travelvisapro.com or (415) 446-9181.


Visa & Passport Consultant

Sean is our 2nd passport guru. He is in charge preparing passports for our corporate clientele. He handles about pleny of passport cases daily. So, he is well-versed in this field. He can be contacted at sean@travelvisapro.com or (415) 685-4776.


Los Angeles Office Manager

Yousef  is our LA office manager and a native of the LA area. He is an expert at handling many of the technicalities for Thailand, Kenya, Ethiopia, and China business and tourist visas. Over the years he has established a personnel relationship with the Brazilian Consulate and is able to circumvent problems when needed. Lastly, he is a logistic saving guru for those wishing to do same day delivery to the East Coast. You can contact him at yousef@travelvisapro.com or (310) 531-7570.


Houston Office Manager

Sugeila is our TX office manager and has been with Travel Visa Pro since 2011. She is responsible for running daily operations, interfacing with clients, and establishing relationships with TX based Consulates. Specifically, she has made a name for Travel Visa Pro with the Russian and Brazil consulates. Lastly, she is fluent in Spanish and handles all of our applicants who need to speak in Spanish. She can be contacted at sugeila@travelvisapro.com or (713) 936-0772


Visa & Passport Consultant

Joye is our company secretary where she handles the plethora of incoming calls and is responsible for allocating specific calls to their respective parties. She has a knack for developing a quick rapport with clients who often compliment her on her warm approach. She is our resident expert on all African nation visas. She has worked with Travel Visa Pro since 2010 and has held various customer care positions in the past. Late night callers can expect to hear her voice as she handles our emergency line as well. Contact her via email at joye@travelvisapro.com or call (202) 684-7464.


Visa & Passport Consultant

Ben is our Beverly Hills' office courier. He has go-getter personality and deals with all consulates located in Los Angeles: China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. You can reach Ben at ben@travelvisapro.com or 310-982-6415


Visa & Passport Consultant

Elena can be contacted at elena@travelvisapro.com or (415) 685-4776.


Visa & Passport Consultant

Andrey is originally from Russia. He is handling our Russian visas in our Houston office. If you have a Russian visa question, Andrey is the person you should be talking. You can reach him at andrey@travelvisapro.com and 713 936 0773


Visa & Passport Consultant

Christen is another one of our Saudi experts and specializes in facilitating Saudi Arabian work visas for US passport holders. She is located in our DC office and is also a guru, when it comes to attesting your diploma through the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission. She is also semi fluent in Arabic and when she is not stressing over the Enjaz system, she volunteers with many Middle Eastern initiatives in the DC area.
You can reach her at christen@travelvisapro.com and 202-624-3062


Visa & Passport Consultant

Alexandra runs our Seattle office. She is our expert with US Passports, Russian, China and Brazil visas and had extensive background in Visa and passport industry. Please stop by Seattle office and let her assist you.
You can reach her at alexandra@travelvisapro.com and 206-855-5185