Apostille Divorce Certificate / Decree

Going Your Separate Ways? Apostille Your Divorce Certificate or Decree

Did you know that 40% of marriages end in a divorce? Very few people walk down the aisle with divorce on their minds, but such ends are always a possibility. When this happens, two documents can certify this – a divorce decree or a divorce certificate. The divorce decree is a court ruling that sets out the divorce terms, including alimony and child support. On the other hand, a divorce certificate confirms the divorce details, including the date and place of the divorce. Knowing the difference between the two enables you to use the right one for the proper purpose.

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Do You Need a Divorce Decree/ Certificate Apostille?

Why would anyone need a divorce decree or certificate? For numerous reasons. Some people want to certify the end of the marriage so they can remarry. Others want to sue for child support or alimony payments, while others want to move to another country. These are but a few examples of situations that may necessitate the possession of a divorce decree or certificate.

Should you get your divorce decree or certificate apostilled? The answer depends on whether you will use the document outside the country. When using a divorce decree or certificate outside the U.S., you must get it apostilled to verify its signatures. Else, it cannot hold up for official use. The good news is that we can get your certificate apostilled in as few as six days. We even process apostilles in as few as three days for rush orders.

How to Get a Divorce Decree/ Certificate Apostille

Send your divorce decree or certificate to us and allow our team to look through its contents. Some states are strict on time limits and will only accept decrees issued in the last year. Our team will review your case and alert you on the next steps. Once everything checks out, we will send the certificate to the state, get it apostilled, and deliver the apostille to your doorstep.