Apostille Power of Attorney

Designate an Agent with a Power of Attorney Apostille

A power of attorney document comes in many forms – general, special, healthcare, and durable. In all these cases, you assign someone the right to make decisions on your behalf. Some power of attorney documents hold more weight than others, while others cater to specific situations. Either way, you give up a decision-making right of some sort. Given the gravity of such documents, no foreign entity will honor such an agreement without validating their authenticity – which is why you need a power of attorney apostille!

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What is an apostille?

It’s a form of authentication used by member countries of the Hague Convention. If you’re traveling to a country not a member of the convention, you’ll need to legalize the power of attorney document. The good news is that we handle both apostilles and legalizations, and we will have you covered every step of the way.

Do you need to apostille your power of attorney?

We recommend that you get it done if you are using the document outside the U.S. For example, if you’re sending someone overseas to follow up on your financial records, they cannot gain access without a power of attorney. Even then, the document would require an apostille to be valid.

How do you apostille a power of attorney?

You can use the old-school method and go through the hassle of walking into government offices and following up on the apostille. Or you could choose the convenient option by ordering your apostille online through our website. For your power of attorney to get an apostille, it must be notarized and must bear the dates of the agreement. Please note that it should not have any blanks or corrections made after the notarization. We can assist with the notarization and apostille services and have your document ready in 6 or fewer days.

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