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Get Your Passport Apostilled in Record Time!

You cannot legally leave the U.S. without using your passport. Whether you are traveling for work or planning to wed in another country, this critical document must be with you at all times. How else would a foreign entity determine your identity?

But why would you need to apostille it? A passport apostille works like other apostilles- it authenticates your passport. This way, foreign authorities recognize your passport authenticity, enabling you to use your passport for official transactions. Please note that an apostille passport is only necessary when traveling to a country party to the 1961 Hague Convention. Else, you will need to legalize your document instead.

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What are the Apostille Passport Requirements?

We cannot request an apostille for an invalid passport. If your passport is lost or expired, please talk to us about renewing it before we can move ahead with the apostille process. You will need to provide us with the first two pages of your passport plus a notarized statement on one copy, citing that the attached copy is a true copy of your passport. We recommend checking the requirements in your country of destination to ensure that your apostille meets the required standards. But if this slips past you, our team will be sure to catch it and fix it!
Please note that passport apostilles can only be issued in the state in which your passport was issued. But luckily for you, Travel Visa Pro operates in all 50 states, and you are sure to obtain our services wherever you are!

Do You Need to Apostille Your Original Passport?

No! What you authenticate is a color photocopy of your passport. However, you must include a statement citing that the copy is a true copy of your U.S.-issued passport. The government does not accept copies that are not classified as true certified copies. You must notarize this statement; else, we cannot proceed with the apostille passport process. Luckily, we also offer notarization services and can notarize this statement for you, ensuring that it meets the state’s requirements.

That’s all we need to get your passport apostilled! Follow the instructions on our online ordering process and send your passport copy to us. We’ll get it apostilled in time to ensure that you do not miss your flight. If you’re in a hurry, let us know, and we’ll initiate rush processing to ensure you get your apostille in a jiffy! We can have it back to you in as few as 3 days, so do not hesitate to request a rush order where necessary.