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U. S. Passport Renewal

Travel Visa Pro can help with your U.S. passport renewal. Are your travel documents about to expire? If you already have a U.S. passport that is not damaged and was issued within the last 15 years, come to any of our nine offices and let us process your renewal. Remember, you must have been over 16 at the time your passport was issued. If you have a big trip planned and need your renewal completed in a hurry, Travel Visa Pro can ensure fast processing times to get your documents ready efficiently.



Feel free to contact our passport experts at 1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472)


U.S. Passport Renewal Service


If you’re like most travelers, you may not wait until the last second to book flights, but checking the expiration date and number of blank pages in your passport is an afterthought.

Did you know some countries may not even grant you entry if you don’t have at least two blank pages for visas and entry or exit stamps? Immigration is notorious for spacing out stamps instead of lumping them all together. Most countries require for a U.S.  passport holder to have at least six months’ validity remaining for their travel documents to ensure they won’t illegally overstay their visa with approved extensions or unavoidable delays.

For all these reasons and more, it’s always a good idea to renew your passport earlier rather than later. During the busy season, the U.S. Department of State can have applications piling up for weeks, meaning your travel plans can potentially be delayed at a hefty cost if you’re not prepared for a last-minute passport renewal.


How to Renew U.S. Passport?


Do you know how to renew your U.S. passport? Even if you’re a previous passport holder, you may have to go through the procedure for a new passport application under certain conditions. If you currently hold a U.S. passport that was issued within the last 15 years, is undamaged enough to be accepted at immigration checkpoints, and you were over 16 years old at the time the document was issued, you should qualify for a standard passport renewal.

Have you just gotten married? Separated? Emancipated? If, for whatever reason, your legal name has been changed since your last passport was issued, you still qualify for a renewal. Simply bring in legal documents proving you have registered your new name – surname, first name, or both – with the government and you can renew a U.S. passport just as easily.

Let’s assume you’re ready to send in a passport renewal application. You may already have a valid U.S. passport and need a new one, or yours has recently expired. Whether you’re sending in your paperwork by mail or applying in person, what should you bring?

  1. Form DS-82 is used exclusively for passport renewals. If you’re applying for a new U. S. passport, use Form DS-11 and the documents for a renewal.
  2. Your current or recently expired U.S. passport. Both passport documents will be returned, but you must submit your current passport book (or card) if it hasn’t been damaged, lost, or stolen. Under these circumstances, you must follow the same procedure as applying for a new U. S. passport.
  3. Include any documents proving you have legally changed your name. This only applies if you have a new first name or had your surname changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or otherwise.
  4. A recent photograph. All photos must be printed on the correct paper and filed with your other passport documents.
  5. Check or money order. Processing fees are $110, or $170 for expedited passport renewal. Make payable to the U. S. Department of State.


Renew Your Passport Online


Although these passport renewal tips cover most travelers, there are still a few who may need additional information. For instance, what if you have two U.S. passports, but the only the second one is about to expire? Someone who travels internationally often and has difficulty acquiring travel visas between her or his trips may be interested in this. Second passport renewals follow the same procedure as regular passport renewals, but, as with the original application, travelers must provide a letter stating why a second passport is necessary, e.g. traveling between Israel and anti-Israel states.


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