Apostille Divorce Decree

Apostille Your Divorce Decree

Did you know that divorce decrees are not the same as divorce certificates? Decrees are issued by the court to declare the terms and conditions of the divorce and bear judge signatures. Divorce certificates bear the details about the divorce, including the date, name of spouses, and place of divorce.

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Why would you need a divorce decree?

This document comes in handy when following up on the terms and conditions of the divorce, e.g., child support and spousal alimony. You could also need it when traveling to a foreign country, e.g., to process your residency visa.

Should You Get Your Divorce Decree Apostilled?

Yes! You must get your divorce decree authenticated by the secretary of state before leaving the U.S. This process ensures that your decree is suitable for official use in countries party to the Hague Convention. Those that are not a party to it use legalization, a service which we also provide.

Please note that the secretary of state cannot authenticate divorce decrees issued outside the state. Good news- Travel Visa Pro provides apostille services across all the states and will ensure that you get your apostille ready in no time.