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Concierge Service partners you with a dedicated Specialist who will manage your request from start to finish, complete applications forms, review all materials during the process, ensure priority submission and keep you updated the whole time – beginning within two business hours of your request. Concierge Team members have years of experience and can make the complex easy for you.

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TravelVisaPro Concierge Service

Are all of the requirements too complicated? Would you prefer a dedicated professional to take on your Passport and/or Visa order and work with you personally to simplify and streamline the process as much possible? If you have ever whispered to yourself, "I wish someone would just take care of this for me!", then your whispers are ready to be answered by our Concierge Team.

Concierge Service customers are connected with our Concierge Team who will assist you in:

  • Filling out the application on your behalf
  • Collecting the required documents
  • Reviewing all of your applications and documents with you over the phone
  • Assuring you are getting exactly the correct Passport and/or Visas that you need for your trip, exactly as fast as you need them, taking all of the guesswork out of the process for you.

To start your Concierge order, simply click "Yes, add VIP Concierge Service", fill out the very simple form, and our Concierge Team will reach out to you within 2 business hours to get your Passport and/or Visa order started.

It’s that simple. Get our Concierge Team activated on your travel case today! TVP's Concierge Service is an extra level of customer service provided for clients who want personalized service when applying for a passport, visa or both. TVP’s Concierge Service is the extra care you’re looking for. TVP’s Concierge Service Fees are $199 per person for the first application and $99 for each additional destination or service. TVP’s Concierge Service does not include the costs of U.S. State Department Fees, Foreign Government Consular Fees, FedEx overnight shipping or TVP’s passport and/or visa processing services fees.

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If you are not in a hurry or do not have proof of imminent travel or just want to avoid paying extra fees for your US Passport expediting, our “Do-It-Yourself” US Passport service is for you! It costs just $79/per applicant and includes:

  1. Form-Fill Service: Your US Passport application will be error-free and conform to all official requirements;

  2. Document Pre-Check Service: We will review your US Passport paperwork and make sure every last “i” is dotted and box is checked;

  3. Appointment Set-up: We will set up US Passport appointment at your local USPS or other Acceptance Agent

  4. Professional Consultation: Up to 15-min professional video/phone one-on-one consultation;

  5. US Passport Expediting Checklist: We will email to you your own US Passport PDF checklist package.

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The last step is placing an order. Once completed, delivery instructions, a receipt and a handy checklist of the requirements above will be provided. Thank you for trusting Travel Visa Pro with your international document needs.

China Visa Service

Embarking on a journey to China is an exciting prospect, and understanding how to apply for a Chinese visa is a crucial part of the process. At Travel Visa Pro, we recognize the importance of a seamless China visa application experience, and that’s why we offer expedited China visa services. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through the application process, ensuring efficiency and timely processing. Trust Travel Visa Pro to make your travel aspirations a reality with our streamlined and reliable services for obtaining your Chinese visa.

As a proud member of many reputable travel, business, and trade associations, our staff can process your Chinese visa application as fast as a few days. We even offer our Executive Choice Service, recommended for the top tier of business travelers in need of immediate assistance. With our Form Fill Service, we will keep your paperwork free of errors, and conforming to the requirements of the Chinese government. Getting a visa for China can be a little more expensive than those in other countries due to the reciprocity with the US, but don’t let that deter you from an amazing trip. Save time, nerves, and money by letting our experts fill out your visa application.


Feel free to contact our visa experts at 1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472)


China Visa for U.S. Citizens

If your trip itinerary involves traveling to mainland China, you have no option but to get a China visa. This document permits you to enter and leave the country and shows you have met the Chinese visa requirements. However, getting a visa is not important if you fall into the following categories:

  • You are transiting through mainland China and will not stay within the boundaries long enough to be considered a tourist,
  • You are part of a travel group visiting Hainan Province, and the group has a permit from the China National Tourism Administration to go ahead with the tour,
  • You have a foreigner’s permanent residence card or a foreign residence card issued by the Ministry of Public Security,
  • You are visiting the Pearl River Delta region for six or fewer days and are part of a travel group led by a Hong Kong (Province of China) or Macau (Province of China) travel agency, or
  • You have a business APEC card which is still valid.

If you do not fall into the above categories, you need to know how to get a China visa for U.S. citizens. Luckily, getting an expedited visa service is easy once you compile the required documents.


Expedited China Visa Service

Our expedited China visa service focuses on convenience and thus offers the following perks:

  • Flexibility: Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, our services caters to travelers with different timelines. It ranges from a few days to weeks, and you can choose what China visa processing time best aligns with your travel itinerary.
  • Consultation: We understand that gauging what Chinese visa for U.S. citizens to get is a challenging task. Our agents guide you on what each option entails and advise you on the best option.
  • Compliance: Not only will we ensure that you have compiled all the required documents, but we will also review them for accuracy. We leave no stone unturned and will also ensure that your passport photo is per the China visa photo requirements.
  • Convenience: You can apply for visa from the comfort of your home thanks to our seamless online ordering system!

We also offer passport and translation services. You can meet all your needs under one roof as you apply for China visa.


Visa Application for China

The general China visa application process for a visa follows these steps:

  • You determine the Chinese visa best for your trip. In some cases, you may not even need a visa. Thus, reviewing your travel needs and purposes is important.
  • You compile all the documents needed to process the visa, ticking off those in groups A and B.
  • You book an appointment at the embassy or consulate in your state and attend the appointment.
  • You get a response after a few weeks and collect your visa if your application is successful.

Of course, other visa applications may be less or more involving, depending on the visa type.


China Visa Types

Before processing a visa to China from USA, you should know the right type for your travel purpose. So, what China visa types are available?

  1. Type L: This permit applies to people who want to embark on tourist activities in China. If you intend to work or conduct business, this type is unsuitable for you. The tourist visa has different validity periods, some of which are as short as 30 days, with others lasting 180 days. You can also get a multiple-entry 10-year visa. Even so, with this visa, you can only stay in China for up to 60 days at a time.
  2. Type M: China is a great place to source products. This visa applies to people who want to travel to the mainland for commercial or trade reasons. To avoid getting in trouble with authorities, opt for this permit if you will also be touring the country as you trade. It has similar validity to that of the L type. And you can also get a 10-year multiple-entry visa if you plan to frequent the mainland.
  3. Type F: While other countries may accept tourist visas for people on study trips, China does not. Thus, anyone who wants to participate in an exchange program, study at a university, or be part of an organizational event should use this permit.
  4. Type Z: If you want to work in China as an employee, this is the right permit. It differs from type M regarding the rights accorded to visa holders. Thus, you should opt for this to ensure you enjoy employee perks.
  5. Type S1: Suppose you have a family member working or studying in China on a permit and wish to visit them. You would need to get this visa as it allows you to stay with them for a period exceeding 180 days. Therefore, this is the best option for a long-term stay in China. Please note that family member refers to close relations, e.g., parents, children, siblings, spouses, etc. Other relations will not necessarily fall into this category.
  6. Type S2: This visa type works like the S1 as it allows family members of foreign workers or students to visit them in China. However, unlike S1, it caps the duration of stay to 180 days. So, it is the best option for short-term visits.
  7. Type Q1: If you have a family member with permanent residency in China, you can visit them under this permit. It allows you to visit them for reunion purposes, take care of them, or be under their care. You can remain in China for more than 180 days under this option.
  8. Type Q2: This permit relates to visa type Q1. But unlike Q1, which allows you to remain in China for more than 180 days, this one caps the duration to 180 days and is thus suited for short stays.
  9. Type R: People who boast high-level talents get this visa type.
  10. Type C: If you are traveling to China to be part of a crew, this is the proper document for your travel.
  11. Type XI: This study permit applies to students who will remain in the country for over 180 days. Thus, it works best for university students who will be in the country for years.
  12. Type X2: This permit is a variation of the X1 and applies to people who will study in mainland China for fewer than 180 days.
  13. Type D: Are you planning on moving to China and seeking permanent residence? This permit will suit your needs.
  14. Type G: While some transits do not require visas, you may need to get a it if you will transit for more than 48 hours. And this would be the right permit.

So, there you have it! These are all the visa types you can consider ahead of your journey. Please note that applying for the wrong type of Chinese visa for U.S. citizens can leave you stranded at immigration as the officers may refuse you entry. Please talk to our team if you need clarification on what visa is right for you. We will review your travel purpose and needs and advise you on the best option.


China Visa Cost

How much is a visa to China? The answer is not standard. Thanks to the opportunity to expedite it, you can choose how long you wait for your visa, ranging from a few days to weeks. And the timeline affects the applicable China visa fee, allowing you to tailor a package that best meets your needs.


China Visa Processing Time

How long does it take to get a China visa? If you follow the standard processes, you can wait weeks leading into months before you can get it. But as we all know, only a few people have the luxury of waiting this long. Besides, with the backlogs in these processes, only some are willing to wait indefinitely before getting their visas. That’s why we offer all our clients an expedited China visa service. You can get your visa and embark on your travel plans in just days!


China Visa Photo Requirements

Your passport photo should comply with the following requirements:

  • It should meet the China visa photo size (4.8 cm by 4.8 cm),
  • It should have been taken in the past six months,
  • The picture should be against a white background, and
  • Your face and neck should be visible, with no hair or accessories barring visibility to your face.

It should also be clear and of high quality.


China Visa Requirements

You will prepare two sets of documents when applying for a Chinese Visa. The first is the general paperwork for any visa application for China online, and the second refers to the particular requirements of your visa type. Let’s look at each set of documents:

Group A: Visa Type Documents

You must provide these documents to show that you have applied for the correct visa. They also show your compliance with the China visa requirements. So, what must you provide for each visa type?

1. Type L: To prove you are indeed a tourist set on visiting mainland China, you should provide the following documents:

  • Return or onward plane tickets which show your intent to return to the U.S. or leave China, and
  • Hotel accommodation booking or an invitation letter from a travel agency or a host. The letter should meet all the requirements.

You may need to present extra documents like evidence of sufficient funds to get a visa. However, this is at the discretion of the immigration authorities.

2. Type M: You must provide details of the commercial or trade activities you will embark on. These should be drawn up by the trader in China.

3. Type F: You must show that an organization or entity has organized your trip to China by presenting the official invitation letter.

4. Type Z: Anyone traveling to China as an employee must present a valid work permit issued by the hiring organization.

5. Type S1: To visit a relative studying or working in mainland China, you should have the following documents:

  • An invitation from the family member,
  • A copy of the family member’s residence permit,
  • A copy of the family member’s passport bio-data page,
  • An original and copy of a certificate showing your relationship with the relative, e.g., a birth certificate, and
  • Any other documents necessary to establish your relationship with the relative, as deemed by immigration officers.

6. Type S2: Like with the S1 visa application, you will need to present the following documents:

  • An invitation letter from the family member studying or working in mainland China,
  • A copy of the family member’s residence permit,
  • A copy of the family member’s passport bio-data page,
  • An original and copy of a certificate showing your relationship with the relative, e.g., a birth certificate, and
  • Any other documents necessary to establish your relationship with the relative, as deemed by immigration officers.

7. Type Q1: People visiting family members who are residents in China should present these documents:

  • An invitation from the family member residing in mainland China,
  • Copies of the family member’s Chinese ID or a copy of the family member’s residence permit and passport bio-data page,
  • An original and copy of a certificate showing your relationship with the relative, e.g., a birth certificate, and
  • Any other documents necessary to establish your relationship with the relative, as deemed by immigration officers.

8. Type Q2: The requirements for this visa type relate to those of the Q1 application and include the following documents:

  • An invitation from the family member residing in mainland China,
  • Copies of the family member’s Chinese ID or a copy of the family member’s residence permit and passport bio-data page,
  • An original and copy of a certificate showing your relationship with the relative, e.g., a birth certificate, and
  • Any other documents necessary to establish your relationship with the relative, as deemed by immigration officers.

9. Type R: People seeking this visa type must have a confirmation letter showing they are indeed high-level talents.

10. Type C: A crew member should present a guarantee letter from the hiring company.

11. Type XI: Students joining Chinese universities should present the following documents:

  • An original admission letter offered by the school or organization behind the studies. You should also have a copy of the letter.
  • A filled out Form JW201 or JW202, which are the official study visa forms.

12. Type X2: Students on short-term durations need to provide the following documents:

  • An original admission letter offered by the school or organization behind the studies. You should also have a copy of the letter.

13. Type D: People seeking permanent residence should provide the original permanent residence confirmation and its copy.

14. Type G: Travelers in transit should have onward tickets showing their departure dates.

Please comply with these Chinese visa requirements to ensure your application process is successful. Thus, as you prepare the group B documents for a visa application, ensure you have covered these bases too.


Group B: General Documents

Besides providing documents that ascertain your travel reason, anyone applying for a China visa for U.S. citizens should also have the following documents:

1. A Passport: You must have a valid passport to enter mainland China. Ensure your current passport meets the following conditions:

  • It should have at least six months of validity past the date of entry,
  • It should be in good condition and should not have any damage or alteration beyond normal wear and tear,
  • It should have at least two blank pages.

Passports that do not meet this threshold are unacceptable at immigration. Thus, you will need to get a passport renewal or replacement. Luckily, we can couple your rush passport processing with our expedited China visa service and get your travel documents ready in days!

2. Previous Passports and Visas: If you previously had a Chinese visa, you should include a copy in your application. You should also include its passport bio-data copy and its photo page. Please present the passport and visa to ensure the process is completed on time.

3. A Filled-Out Application Form: You must print the China visa application form and fill it in blue or black ink. Ensure you do not leave any blanks where the information is vital, as this can set back the application. As part of our expedited services. Thus, we can point out any sections needing extra wording to ensure your application succeeds.

4. A Passport Photo,

5. Proof of Residency: Besides proof of U.S. citizenship and identification, you must also prove your U.S. residency. You can do this by availing documents like driver’s licenses, utility bills, bank bills, etc.

6. An Itinerary: You should provide your plane tickets, showing your arrival and departure dates.

7. Evidence of Accommodation: You must have proof of your accommodation bookings. Examples include hotel receipts, letters from travel agencies, etc.

8. Other Document Requirements: You may need to present other documents based on your application specifics. For example, people who were previous Chinese nationals must present their previous passports. So, you may want to look into if you need other documents. Of course, you can always consult our team for an exhaustive review of the necessary documents.

Do you have the above documents? If yes, the next step is to learn how to apply for China visa. And with our services, this should only take days!


Do You Need Different Visas to Hong Kong (Province of China), Mainland China, and Taiwan (Province of China)?

You may think that getting a China visa in 2024 guarantees your entry into Taiwan (Province of China) and Hong Kong (Province of China). However, you must get different visas if you plan on visiting all these regions. But luckily, just like we offer an expedited service, we offer rush processing to these and other regions!

Travel Visa Pro also specializes in Fast China Visas and Urgent China Visas


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