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China visa Requirements Visa required
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To apply for visa online click
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Download, fill out and mail in
China visa application form
Mail all the paperwork to:


Return shipping options:

- I will include my own shipping
- I will pick up form TVP office
- $30 I want UBER to return to me (only in SF, NY, CHI)
- $20.00 - FedEx Express Saver (3-4 days)
- $25.00 - FedEx Standard Overnight (afternoon delivery)
- $30.00 - FedEx Priority Overnight (morning delivery)
- $75.00 - FedEx First AM Delivery (guaranteed by 8.30AM)
- $49.00 - FedEx SATURDAY Priority
- $39.00 - FedEx (shipping time varies) to AK, HI
- $49.00+ - FedEx INTL. Priority Overnight

Mail us the following documents:


Completed Chinese Visa Application
  Download Complete Chinese Visa Application Online. After completing the application form, please print it. Please do not forget to sign and date your application.
Don't want to deal with application? Let us do it for you! Request the affordable "FORM FILL" application service for just $35 per application or sign up for personal "VIP CONCIERGE" for just $149 and get Ultimate visa experience.


Your Valid Original Passport (not a photocopy)
  You have to MAIL us your current valid and signed US/non-us passport. Passport should be valid at least SIX (6) months after your intended arrival to China. Also, you should make sure you have at least ONE completely blank page for visas in your passport. Amendment pages (pages 22, 23 and 24) do not count.
If your passport is about to expire or needs more pages, please obtain new or renew Your passport.


ONE (1) Passport-Style Photograph
  It must be recent (4months or less old) 2x2 inches in size. We always recommend using a professional photographer to avoid delays.You can choose to submit digitized photo to us via email: (in subject line put travelers first and last names). Additional $12 Photo Printing FEE will be added to your request. NOTE: Photo must be high resolution, clear, and provide proper contrast and white background for it to be accepted by the consulate.


ONE (1) of the following approval documents for China Work Visa:
  Please provide one of the following documents:
  • Foreign Worker Employment Permit granted by department of Human Resources and Social; plus Letter of Duly Authorized by appropriate Entity or Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by respective Chinese entities.
  • Foreign Expert Work Permit granted by Foreign Experts’ State Bureau plus Letter of Duly Authorized by appropriate Entity or Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by respective Chinese entities.
  • Commercial Performance Approval Permit granted by Chinese cultural affairs administration or Letter of Duly Authorized by appropriate Entity or Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by respective Chinese entities.
  • Invitation Letter to work for Offshore Petroleum Operations issued by China National Offshore Oil Corporation.
  • Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of enterprises of foreign countries granted by Chinese industrial and commercial administration, plus Letter of Duly Authorized by appropriate Entity or Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by respective Chinese entities.


Original Admission Letter
  Please provide Original Admission Notice issue by school, university or other approved educational entity in China.


Approval documents for Long Term Student Visa:
  Please provide the following TWO documents:
  • Original Admission Letter issued by a respective school or other education entities in China.
  • Original FORM JW201 or FORM JW202 "Visa Application for Study in China".


Copy of Driver's License or State ID
  Please provide a current copy of your Driver's License or State ID .


A Copy of Roundtrip ticket/itinerary
  It must contain the name of passenger. it can be an electronic ticket or travel agent's reservation.


Copy of Hotel Reservation(s) or Invite from Host
  You must provide a copy of your hotel reservations confirming your stay in China OR a letter from your Host stating their name(s), address(es), and copy of legal status in China (e.g. Chinese residence card OR US Pasport and Valid China visa).


Letter of Invitation from company in China: SAMPLE INVITE LETTER
  A business letter of responsibility from your partner in China is required:
  • The following information must be listed on the invitation letter:
    - Full Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Gender
    - Citizenship
    - Passport #
    - Passport Expiration
  • The letter must be addressed to the Embassy of China.
  • The letter must explain the nature or purpose of business and the duration of the proposed business trip.
  • The letter must state the name as well as the addresses of individuals, departments and organizations in China you intend to visit.
  • The letter must specify the visa validity and number of entries, the applicant is asking for.
  • The letter must be on company letterhead and bear signature/stamp.


Business Letter from your USA Company
  Please provide a business letter, which includes: (Sample Business Letter)
  • The name of a reference/visiting firm in China.
  • Detailed explanation of the nature of business to be performed as well as duration of stay.
  • Company guarantee of financial responsibility for all travel expenses incurred by you.
  • The letter must be on company letterhead.
  • The letter must specify the visa validity and number of entries, the applicant is asking for.
  • Not confident in writing your business letter for your China visa application? We can draft one for your company to sign. (Order Business Letter Draft)


Non-US Passport Holders (proof of your legal status in the USA)
  Please provide a proof of your legal status in the USA (i.e. copy of your green card (front and back), valid visa, I-20, IAP-66, etc.). Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles applicants MUST provide ORIGINAL GREEN CARD (not copy).


FOR NON-US PASSPORT HOLDERS: Completed Supplemental Form (Click for Download PDF form):
  Each NON-US citizen must complete and mail us the Supplemental Form (Click for Download PDF form) .


Evidence of Previous Chinese Visas, if any
  If you reside in the following states: Arizona, Southern California, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Pacific Islands , please provide previous Chinese visas if you have visited China in the past. If your previous visas are in an old, expired passport, please mail it in along with your current passport. If you lost expired passport, you may be asked to apply for China visa in person.Please call for advisement.


  If you were born in China, Hong-Kong, or Taiwan, please do not forget to provide the following:
  • Put your name in Chinese characters on the application.
  • Put your city of birth on the application.
  • Provide copy of your Naturalization/Citizenship certificate.
  • Provide copy of your previous Chinese visa or your original expired Chinese passport.


Copy of Crew Member ID (for Crew visas ONLY)
  Please provide a clear copy of front and back of your Crew Member Badge/ID.


Flight/Vessel Crew Visa Cover Letter (for Crew visas ONLY)
  Please provide a formal cover letter issued by the airline or shipping company. The letter should ask for Crew Visa and include: (Sample Crew Visa Cover Letter)
  • Company guarantee of financial responsibility for all travel expenses incurred by you.
  • Reference the name of flight/vessel members, departure/arrival port(s) and date(s) as well as flight/aircraft/vessel number(s).
  • Details of the purpose of vessel/flight(s) as well as duration of stay.
  • A closing signature (someone other than the applicants).
  • Be written on company's stationary.


Children under 18 years of age extra documents needed
  APPLICANTS UNDER 18: must provide copy of birth certificate and passport copy of each non-travelling parent/guardian.


Shipping Advice on Emergency/Urgent/Rush Services
  We would advise you to use FedEx's "FIRST AM OVERNIGHT" Service for Emergency/Urgent/Rush orders, so we could submit your application the same day. If you use another delivery option and the package arrives after 9:00 AM office time, we won't be able to submit your order until the next business day, at the earliest.


Copy of your Resume
  Please include copy of your current resume with your application.


A Copy of Roundtrip ticket/itinerary
  It must contain the name of passenger. it can be an electronic ticket or travel agent's reservation.

Additional China visa information:
CHINA DOCUMENTS’ LEGALIZATION Affidavit of Single Status - click here for more info

SPECIAL NOTE: You must enter China within validity of visa. Generally, you can stay in China up 60 days at a time. If you wish to remain in China longer, please let us know at the time when you apply. We can request consular official to extend it.

APPLICANTS UNDER 18: must provide copy of birth certificate and passport copy of each non-travelling parent/guardian.

CERTAIN OCCUPATIONS: Applicants whose titles are Journalist, Writer, or Media Person or who are in the military should write statement explaining their purpose of trip to China in details to avoid delays.

NON-US PASSPORT HOLDERS: If you're non-US passport holder, you'll pay different consular fees for visas:
  • The visa fee for Single-Entry is $30.
  • The visa fee for Double-Entry is $45.
  • The visa fee for Multiple-Entry is $90.
  • Next Day service fee is additional $20.
  • Same Day service is extra $30.

China visa fees for US citizens.
To see prices, choose residence
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Learn more about China and its visa entry/exit requirements

china visa


China, also known as the Peoples Republic of China, ranks first for the most populous country in the world and second for the largest land area mass. China is a complex country consisting of many religious, indigenous, and governmental groups. To add to the complexity, Chinas land mass encompasses high mountain ranges, lush wetlands, arid plains, vast lakes, and intricate rivers. China is a communist country and up until the last 30 years has been a predominantly closed society. Recently they have emerged as a world superpower, a power broker at the UN, and the fastest-growing major economy. The official spoken language of China is Chinese, which can be broken down into 29 sub-sects. The overwhelmingly majority speak Mandarin followed by Wu, Yue, and Min.


China plays host to a wide range of environmental, structural, and cultural attractions. Some of the well known places to visit are the Great Wall of China, the base line of Mt. Everest, a view of impressive statutes of ancient Terracotta Warriors or partake taking in a ride ferry through the lush wetlands of the Yangtze River, or immerse yourself in the tantalizing shopping district of the Forbidden City. China offers many options to tap into your touristic senses and will not be a disappointment.


Chinese cuisine is highly diverse and takes into account all the different regions of China. Most dishes are served with either noodles or white rice. The food is cooked in a bevy of sauces and can consist of various kinds of meat. Most food is served with the traditional chopsticks, which is tied into ancient Chinese History and has been in circulation for 1000s of years. Dont worry, they have forks too!


The Chinese monetary system is based on Renminbi, which is the official currency of the Peoples Republic of China. The units of Renminbi are the Yuan, Jiao, and Fen. 1 Yuan=10 Jiao= 100 Fen. If you come upon Fen, you will find yourself with a collector item, as the Chinese government has systematically begun to faze them out. The IMF puts the exchange rate at 1 Yaun = $.157. This is a variable exchange and can change based on market fluctuations.

Entering China

All visitors to China must obtain a visa prior to entering the country. Visas can be obtained at a local Chinese consulate or Embassy in said individuals host country. There are no special immunizations or health requirements required, but visitors from certain countries or with certain visa stamps may be asked to complete a health form and interview. You will also be asked to declare any photography or mobile video devices. They will also advise you on any restrictions of use of such devices.

Travel Warnings

In current day times, most travel warnings occur when Muslim separatist militants and the government clash in the autonomous region of Xinjiang Uyghur. There have been also random outbreaks of violence in the Tibetan flat lands and mountains. China maintains an excellent state security service and in major tourist areas criminal acts happen infrequently.


As of December 9, 2015, the China Foreign Expert Bureau requires all foreign teachers' academic degrees to be authenticated by Chinese embassies in their home countries. This applies for the renewal of permits expiring this year for those teachers already in China. In addition, the bureau also requires authentication of TEFL degrees as well as translation of degrees, transcripts and TEFL certificates. Travel Visa Pro can handle the process quickly (in around 2 weeks): call us or email our Legalization team at

Consuls and diplomat are on strike at Brazil consulates nationwide. Please expect delays with your visas. Visas are being processed, but much slower than normally. There is no time estimate when the conflict might be resolved. We will continue to monitor situation daily. If you need emergency visa, please reach out to us at

Saudi Arabia has amended their visa process and an insurance payment must be made through their online Enjaz server. This is an additional Consular fee ranging from $78 to $257 depending on visa type, validity, nationality, sex, and number of entries. Travel Visa Pro will be making the payment as part of our Enjaz service. The insurance payment must be kept in your passport when you enter Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria Embassy is experiencing delays in visa processing.