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Second Passport Renewal

There are two reasons why the government would grant a person a second passport. The first would be that you are a frequent traveler and you will face challenges when acquiring travel visas in between trips. There are cases where your passport could be necessary for processing in two places, and thus you would require an extra one. In such a case, the state department would be willing to give you one. The second reason would be that you have security concerns when traveling. Supposing you have gone to Israel at some point and you wish to enter an anti-Israel state, you could face challenges. The reverse of the situation also holds true. As such, the state department would allow you to be in possession of two passports which you could use interchangeably for safety reasons. Second passports renewal have a four year validity period, and thus you will undergo renewals more often than you would when using a standard passport.


Feel free to contact our passport experts at 1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472)


Second U. S. Passport Renewal Service


At Travel Visa Pro, we handle second passport renewal services within 24 hours, thus allowing you to embark on your trip as soon as you wish. We require that you present your current US passport which should be in a valid condition. In addition to this, you should also submit two signed letters of authorization, a letter of explanation as to the need of the renewal, two recent passport photos as well as evidence of the need to travel. For us to complete the second passport renewal, it is imperative that you complete and sign two DS 82 forms. An agent will be by your side to aid you in any stage where you face a challenge.

We will then embark on the application and will update you at every stage. You should have your passport renewed in less than a day.

The category “Second U. S. Passport Renewal” applies to you, if:

You travel internationally often and have difficulty acquiring travel visa between your trips, OR
You request 2nd passport for safety reason, i.e. to travel between Israel and anti Israel States.
The 2nd passport is valid for up to FOUR years.

Our processing times are given in BUSINESS days and not (calendar days). It excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays!

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