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There are numerous reasons why you might want to use your diploma outside the U.S.- work, school, residency, etc. And in all these cases, you will want to ensure that the foreign entity receiving the diploma can accept it – you can do this by getting a diploma apostille. If you’ve been down the apostille path in the past, you know that it’s not always a rosy road. You encounter one challenge after the other as you trudge down to the coveted apostille. Can it get easier? Of course, it can!


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What is an Apostille?

Often, people think that because the U.S. government recognizes a document, it will be acceptable in a foreign country. But that’s not true. In the past, there were incidents of forgery and bribery that interfered with the authenticity of documents issued abroad. That is why more than 100 countries came together and signed what is now known as the Hague Convention. Under this treaty, any document that has an apostille is fit for use and recognizable in countries party to the convention. So, if you will use your diploma in such a country, you will need to get it diploma apostille!

But if you are traveling to a country not a party to this treaty, you will need to authenticate your document – it is a similar concept, but it follows a different process. And TVP can handle it on your behalf, just like we do with apostilles.

If you’re unsure if you need a diploma apostille or authentication, please let us know and we will review your case.


How can you get an apostille?

First, you must get your original diploma notarized (which is a service that TVP also offers). You must then send it to the secretary of state to get it apostilled. On paper, this looks easy, but when it comes down to tracking down the apostille and waiting, the reality of it all dawns on you. Is there an easier way? Yes, by contracting Travel Visa Pro!

We’ve been handling diploma apostilles for a long time and know what to do to have your apostille ready in no time. Please note that you must get your diploma notarized before sending it to us for an apostille. We can notarize some diplomas, so you can talk to us about getting this done in-house in readiness for the legalization of diploma. We will then assess your diploma, ensure it meets the standards set out by the secretary of state, and send it for an apostille. Once it’s ready, we should have it back to you.

The entire process takes six days or fewer, and you can complete it all online. Rush processing is also available and takes only three or four days. So, if you are in a hurry, let us know so we can expedite your order.


Why Travel Visa Pro?

So, why choose us? Besides our fast services, we also offer convenience. Since we handle notarization and apostille diploma services under one roof, you won’t need to use different services. Moreover, we have a streamlined ordering process that enables you to meet your needs without leaving your home. That means you can place your order now, receive instructions on what to send to us and how, and sit back as you wait for us to deliver the apostille diploma to you.

Did we mention that we also offer translation services? If your diploma is in a foreign language, you can rest assured that one of our professional linguists will translate it word for word to ensure effective communication.

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How to apostille a diploma?

Getting a diploma apostille opens up numerous opportunities for you globally. We want to ease this process by making it as smooth as possible. To apostille your diploma, we require you to notarize your original diploma and then send it to us for an apostille. We offer both notarization and apostille services for convenience.

What is apostille diploma?

Getting a diploma apostille ascertains the signatures on the diploma, which proves the validity of the document, and upholds its integrity outside the country of issue. This certification helps you use the document in countries party to the Hague Convention, thus broadening your horizons. Get an apostille by placing an order on the TVP website.