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Passport for Children under 16

Are you looking to process a passport for your child and wondering what it entails? Travel Visa Pro has all the information you need, and we can get the process done in less than 24 hours. Thanks to dedicated agents located across the country, we have nine different offices and dozens of pick up and drop off locations capable of processing your application.

Feel free to contact our passport experts at 1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472)


U.S. Passport for Children under 16


Let’s start with eligibility. Your son or daughter can get a child passport if they have never held one before. Even if they have held 1-2 travel documents and let them expire, as long as they have not yet turned sixteen, the process for applying for a new one is the same. In this case, they would qualify for a minor passport valid for five years. Supposing your child has lost or damaged their passport, they can get a new one.

The requirements for this type of passport are standard. Travel Visa Pro will need you to fill in a DS-11 form – which you can do online – before printing out two copies of the same. You are also required to complete and sign two authorization letters by hand. These records will enable TVP to legally act on your behalf during the application. You should also provide us with two passport photos of your child taken within the last three months.

Proof of U.S. citizenship for a child passport is essential. You can either provide a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate. Ensure that the records you provide are original, as the State Department will not accept copies. We will ensure that the originals are returned to you once the application has been processed.

You should also provide proof of your identity. This can be in the form of a driver’s license, a valid U.S. passport, or a current government ID. It is essential that you prove your relationship to the minor with either a birth certificate or a court decree. Travel Visa Pro agents will advise you accordingly if your situation is unique. Finally, we require that you present us with proof of your travel plans to show the need for expediting your child passport application.

How long does it take to get a child passport?



Travel Visa Pro can undertake passport processing for your child and deliver it to you quickly. In some cases, it may even be possible to return your child’s passport within the day. As long as you provide proof of immediate travel to us, we can make the case to State Department officials at the passport agency and have your application processed in the appropriate amount of time.


Restrictions on Traveling with Children


If you do plan on taking an international trip with your children, it’s necessary to have appropriate documentation on hand for immigration and airline staff. In addition to your passport and your child’s passport, having proof of your relationship – especially if your child can’t speak yet – goes a long way towards shortening your time at immigration in any country. Written authorization from both parents or legal guardians is required for your child to fly.

In addition, as long as both you and your child are the same nationality, you have access to the same number of countries regardless of age. Any visa you would need to enter another country would most likely apply to your children. However, there are cases for which different categories of visas come with age restrictions, e.g. retirement and work visas.

As long as you have your passports ready, applied for travel insurance, and take care on your journey, there’s no reason a child of any age can’t enjoy the experience of international travel early on.

Do you have any questions about child passports? Contact us today!