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Nigerian Visa

Travel Visa Pro can assist you with passports and visa applications for travel across the world. If you’re interested in a Nigeria visa, we hope you’ll take advantage of our personalized service and team of travel experts.

Nigerian Visa Services

Traveling to Africa may include sightseeing, visiting friends, or social or public events on a tourist visa. Nigeria business visas are issued to travelers who wish to discuss commercial deals, evaluate investments, or visit clients. There’s even a temporary work permit for travelers to Nigeria, valid for three months. Whatever your needs or expectations, TVP can help get you on the plane with a valid visa and passport.

Nigerian Visa Application Form

Whether you’re planning a trip to see Zuma Rock, conduct business in Abuja, or relax in Lagos, the Nigeria visa application process is worth taking the time to navigate and determine exactly what you need. If you enter Nigeria on a tourist visa, immigration only allows Americans to spend 56 days in the country. Fortunately, the Nigerian visa application form is available online.

Nearly all travelers are eligible to use the Nigerian visa application online and receive their completed visa from the embassy the same day. This includes tourist visas, business visas, temporary work permit visas, and subject to regularization (STR) visas (may require additional time and fees). Tourists must have a letter of invitation and the passport information of a Nigerian national host accepting full immigration responsibility. Similarly, those traveling for work or business need a letter of introduction from a host company or organization in Nigeria.

Travel Visa Pro can help!

Nigerian STR visa applications are particularly complex, requiring multiple copies of documents and personal information from employers and family members. We at Travel Visa Pro would like to relieve you of this burden, whether you’re seeking a short-term stay in Nigeria or planning or work there for years to come. Our travel experts will stand by you and ensure your applications are filled out correctly and submitted to allow for sufficient processing time.

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If you are concerned about your safety while traveling in Nigeria, please remember Travel Visa Pro offers Travel Registration to inform the US embassy in Abuja of your address and travel plans. Registration will allow US Embassy officials to provide you with specific information and travel warnings regarding your upcoming trip.

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