Apostille Criminal Record Check

Facilitate Your Visa Application with a Criminal Record Check Apostille

When traveling abroad for work or other reasons, you might need to arm yourself with a criminal check. It delves into your past, enabling the recipient to make an informed decision about working with you. You might need it to get a job, rent an apartment, enroll in a school, or obtain residency in another country. When using the document in the U.S., you can use it as it is. However, foreign countries require you to apostille the record to authenticate its validity.

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So, What’s An Apostille, And Why Do You Need One?

An apostille is a form of authentication which proves that the document’s signatures have been verified, thus confirming the document’s authenticity. It applies to member states of the Hague Convention. Other countries use legalization for the same reason.

To get your criminal record check apostilled, send us the original copy in its original form, and we’ll get it apostilled before you know it. Our online ordering system will guide you through the information you should provide, and within six days, you should have an apostille in your hands.