Apostille Birth Certificate

What’s in a Birth Certificate Apostille?

Your birth certificate is one of the most important documents in your life. You need it for almost everything, including when you want to:

  • Reside in another country,
  • Study abroad,
  • Secure employment in a foreign country,
  • Take your children overseas,
  • Get married abroad,
  • Obtain dual citizenship,
  • Claim inheritance, and
  • Start a business abroad.

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These and many other reasons will necessitate you to present a valid birth certificate. But what makes it acceptable abroad? An apostille! Even if you provide a foreign authority an original birth certificate, they will not accept it unless it has an apostille. It’s the only measure of authenticity.

What is a birth certificate apostille?

Members of the Hague Convention allow citizens of member states to use their official records in international transactions provided they have an apostille. An apostille is a certificate that authenticates an official record, including birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, and even divorce decrees. With this stamp of authenticity, you can use your birth certificate in over 80 countries globally for official reasons.

Where can you get your birth certificate apostilled?

Please note that the U.S. Department of State cannot apostille state-issued birth certificates. However, they can provide certificates of authenticity for people traveling to countries that are not a party to the Hague Convention. People holding state-issued birth certificates can get them apostilled at the Secretary of State, where your birth certificate was issued. The Secretary of State will not process apostilles for out-of-state birth certificates.

Moreover, each state abides by its rules and fees, so what works in one state may not necessarily work in another. Even their timelines are different. The good thing is that we cover all 50 states and can get any U.S.-issued birth certificate apostilled at its state of issue! So, you can leave the hassle of going through the requirements to us and focus on what matters most to you.

But what if you are not traveling to a country that is a party to the Hague Convention?

Do you still need an apostille? In your case, you would require to legalize your birth certificate through the U.S. Department of State. We also provide legalization services and can get you a certificate of authenticity to help you embark on your travel plans.

What if your birth certificate was not issued in the U.S.?

People holding consular reports of births abroad or non-U.S.-issued birth certificates must consult the U.S. Department of State.

Getting Your Birth Certificate Apostilled in the U.S.

We break down our apostille services in a 1-2-3 step method. Here goes:

Step 1: Make an Order

We offer birth certificate apostille services across 50 states, including the following regions:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC

All you do is access our ordering process and enter your details. We will need your name, address, the country you wish to use the apostille in, and how fast you would like to get your apostille done. With standard and rush processing options, you can get your apostille ready in fewer than 6 or 3 to 4 days, respectively.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents

Based on your birth certificate’s state of issue, our team will review your order and check if the certificate meets the state’s requirements. If it does not, we will advise you on what you can do to match these needs. We will also include how you can send the document to us. The Secretary of State will not apostille your original birth certificate. Instead, they will need a certified copy of the certificate.

Our team will also go through the costs associated with the apostille application based on the state of issue. We will also break down the timelines and when you can expect your apostille. If everything checks out, you can send your documents to us to kickstart the apostille process.

Step 3: Receive Your Apostille

We work directly with the Secretary of State to ensure that you get your documents as soon as possible. Please note that expedited processing is available upon request. Once the apostille is ready, we will notify you via email and send the document straight to the address indicated in your order.

Birth Certificate Translations

An apostille authenticates your birth certificate. However, it’s only valid if the recipient authority understands what’s in the document. If you’re traveling to a non-English-speaking country, you will need to go a step further and translate your birth certificate. Only then can it be deemed valid and suitable for official use.

How can you get your birth certificate translated? Travel Visa Pro boasts professional linguists who can translate your birth certificate word for word without:

  • Altering the facts,
  • Losing the language nuances, and
  • Grammatical errors.

In a few days, you should have your certified birth certificate copy ready for you to present to the recipient authority.

Let us help you save money and beat tight deadlines with our apostille services. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for any questions about apostilles, legalizations, notarizations, and translations.