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Second Passport

The state department offers travelers second passports at its discretion on confirming that an added passport is of the essence to the applicant. There are two main reasons why the state department would agree to issue you with a second passport. Supposing you are a frequent traveler who has a hard time acquiring visas in between trips, you can get one. You also qualify for one if you can prove that you may face security concerns while traveling. An instance would be if you were going to Israel and were hoping to visit an anti-Israel state soon after. In such a case, having two passports would be necessary. It is vital that you note that this passport has a validity of four years.

At Travel Visa Pro, we handle such applications on your behalf, thus allowing you to avoid the hassle involved in processing. We can also expedite your application if you are in a hurry to leave the country. If this is the situation, we request that you submit documents showing your travel plans. It could be in the form of plane tickets to foreign countries, copies of booking confirmations, letters from your employer or other documents acceptable by the state department. Our agents will help you in finding the right records.

We also require that you provide us with a statement where you should give detailed information as to why you need another passport. You should make sure that the reasons stated are compelling. You should also include two signed letters of authorization, your current passport which should be valid and two recent passport photos. Our specialists will go through the documents and advise you on changes where necessary. Within a day, you should have your passport ready, and we will deliver it to you via a secure courier service. Thank you!

The category “Second US Passport” applies to you, if:

  • You travel internationally often and have difficulty acquiring travel visa between your trips, OR
  • You request 2nd passport for safety reason, i.e. to travel between Israel and anti Israel States.

The 2nd passport is valid for up to FOUR years.

Our processing times are given in BUSINESS days and not (calendar days). It excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays!


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