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This may be a term you’ve never even seen in a dictionary before now, but when it comes time to travel, apostille certification can be very relevant. Travel Visa Pro offers apostille assistance with any number of documents, including diplomas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, business agreements, criminal background checks, commercial documents, and any documents issued by the US government.

Why would you need an apostilled document when it comes time to travel? One common reason is documents required for work visa applications. Some countries request federal criminal background checks to be submitted along with your application to work abroad, and these need to be given apostille certification to be accepted.

There are different levels of certification. Each US state has an apostille office with the Secretary of State – these usually handle documents issued by the state itself: marriage certificates, university transcripts, etc. However, for most paperwork sent outside of the country – naturalization documents, criminal background checks, etc. – the US Department of State is responsible for all apostilles.

While both types of apostilles are available with mail-in and in-person service, this isn’t always possible for many applicants. Are you seeking an apostille for your University of Washington diploma but now live in Florida? Even if you’re in the state itself, there are no satellite offices for the Secretary of State; all in-person applications must be made at the state capital. Mail-in applications on the state level don’t usually take too long, but the US Department of State may take several weeks depending on the workload.

That’s where Travel Visa Pro steps in. Why should you have to dash to the pharmacy for passport photos, mail your transcript to your home state for apostille certification, and drive hundreds of miles to the nearest Chinese consulate to get the visa you need, when everything can be done at one office? Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts have over forty years of experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need. Whether you’re in a hurry or have time to spare, Travel Visa Pro is there to help.

As with any consulate, embassy, or government office, apostille certification requires a series of paperwork in order to successfully authenticate any document. This process can be tiring or daunting for some travelers, which may result in the application being rejected and their trip being delayed. Travel Visa Pro can manage the situation so there are no delays, and you’re on the road without the stress.

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Apostille Services

Let’s look at a sample timeline for a passport renewal and visa application requiring apostille certification. If you’re far from all three offices – regional passport office, consulate, and US Department of State – that means having to send documents through the mail at least three times (and most likely sequentially, as one document is needed for another application).

A criminal background check to the US Department of State may take a few up to several weeks to get an apostille. Mailing in a passport renewal to the same office can take roughly the same amount of time. Then once everything is gathered, you’re ready to send it all into the consulate to process your visa – hopefully, this process should just be a few days. Add it all up, and this can potentially be 2-4 months in bureaucratic limbo, assuming there are no missing documents or further delays.

Wouldn’t you rather just have an all-in-one solution to this problem? There is with Travel Visa Pro. Our travel experts can significantly cut down this processing time to alleviate your travel worries, and get you your passport and visa without the hassle.

Ready to get started? Just visit one of the nine Travel Visa Pro offices across the country, or take advantage of the new virtual offices in other cities. Even if you’re not sure if you need an apostille for your visa application, take the time to talk to one of our experts; they’ll walk you through the process and do what’s right for you to travel abroad safely and legally.

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