Apostille Indiana

In Indiana, there are three ways to apostille a document. Let’s take a look at each option and what it entails.

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Apostille a Document in Person

If you decide to apostille a document in person in Indiana, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State. You’ll then be required to download an Authentication Request Form from the SOS website and provide all required information, including the name of the country to which you intend to use the document.

The SOS office asks you about the country you intend to use the document to establish whether you need apostille or authentication. Apostille certification in Indiana is only issued for documents to be used in countries that are part of the 1961 Hauge Convention. On the other hand, authentication is issued for documents to be used in countries that do not belong to the Hauge Convention.

After gathering the required documents, providing all necessary information, and paying the filing fee by check or money order, you will then submit the application in person at the Indiana SOS office.

This option has its own disadvantages, though; the state of Indiana cannot apostille documents issued outside this midwestern state. Also, suppose your documents have any typos or errors that would otherwise prevent them from being certified; you’ll need to correct such issues and resubmit your application. This usually takes time, and that’s not what you want, especially when you have an international trip coming up.

IN Apostille Authentication via Mail

If you choose to submit your apostille application via mail, you’ll need to head over to the Indiana SOS website and download the Authentication Request Form. You’ll then provide the required information, including the country of your destination, and a certified copy of the document you wish to have an IN apostille stamp.

After paying the fees via check or money order, you will then mail the document to the Indiana Secretary of State office in Indianapolis. Like the in-person option, the mail option also has its setbacks.

First, mail delivery could take longer than expected, jeopardizing your trip in the process. In addition, if you wish to apostille a federally issued document, you cannot mail it to the Indiana Secretary of State office even if you are a resident of Indiana and a US citizen.

The only other option, in that case, is to send it to the Office of the US Secretary of State in Washington DC, which takes even longer. Given that hundreds of similar applications are submitted to these government agencies every day, you may have to wait even longer to get a response from the government.

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