Apostille Death Certificate

Should You Apostille Death Certificates?

Death certificates are official documents issued by governments declaring the cause, location, and time of death. In the U.S., these documents are suitable for official use as they are, seeing as they bear official signatures and stamps. But outside the U.S., you must prove the authenticity of these documents. How? – By getting them apostilled by the Secretary of State.

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What is a Death Certificate Apostille?

Apostilles authenticate the death certificates by verifying their signatures. These are acceptable in countries party to the Hague Convention. Countries that do not participate in the Hague Convention require legalized documents through the U.S Department of State and the Embassy/ Consulate Office. We offer both apostille and legalization services under one roof!

Why Would You Need To Apostille A Death Certificate?

Courts, solicitors, and government bodies are a few organizations that may require proof of death before processing any claims. These could be estate settlements, insurance claims, investigations, remarriage, pension benefits, or even funeral arrangements. Without an apostilled death certificate, you cannot access these services in a foreign country.

How Can You Get a Death Certificate Apostilled?

We ensure that the ordering process is as simple as possible to take the bulk of work off your hands. Thanks to our vast network of offices, we offer apostille services across the 50 states, including the regions below:

  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • Sacramento
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  • Miami
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  • Dallas

If you cannot find a link to your state or city, go through our simple ordering process and select your state. We will be sure to connect you with the nearest office, so you won’t need to travel to get your apostille!

Step 1: Place an Order

With our easy ordering process, you can place an order dictating where you live, where you want the apostille delivered, and how fast you want it done. We offer both standard (<6 days) and rush (3-4 days) processing for all our clients. Choose the method you prefer and include this in your order.

Step 2: Receive Instructions

Our team will immediately go through your order and inform you how much you will pay and how soon you can expect your apostille. For the apostille to go through, you must submit a certified death certificate copy issued by the government.

Please note that the secretary of state can only apostille death certificate issued in their state. For example, if the death certificate was issued in Alabama, you cannot get it authenticated in California. If the death certificate is from another state other than the one you reside in, we will process the apostille in the other state. We will then let you know the death certificate requirements by state so you can submit one that matches the state’s stipulations.

Step 3: Submit The Death Certificate

You can then facilitate the processing fee and submit the death certificate. Our team will once again review the document based on the state requirements before physically submitting it. In just a few days, you should have your apostille ready! We will send it to the registered address in your order.

See how fast that was? You can also use our ordering process to process legalizations and notarizations!