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Same Day U. S. Passport

There are many times when people find themselves in situations where they need to travel within a short period, but they lack the necessary documents to do so. You may be looking forward to embarking on a business trip or a vacation the next day, and your passport is invalid. What do you do then? It is quite easy to have your passport ready in less than 24 hours, thanks to Travel Visa Pro’s same day passport service.

Start by contacting any of our agents located across the country. From here, we will guide you through everything you need, and you will have someone by your side as you undertake the subsequent steps.


Feel free to contact our passport experts at 1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472)


Same Day Passport Services

You should have travel plans in place and supporting documents. Suppose you are traveling out of the country for a medical emergency. Papers as to what medical services you are seeking and in which country can significantly help in expediting your passport process. A simple breakdown of a business trip would also suffice. The idea is to prove that your travel plans are imminent.

Your passport may be valid, but some countries require that your travel documents have at least six months’ validity for you to enter. As such, you would have to renew your passport by completing a DS-82 form and letting Travel Visa Pro take care of the rest. When renewing your passport, it is necessary that you provide your most recent passport that has not been damaged. You should also have gotten the document within the last fifteen years when you were age sixteen or older. During that time, you should not have changed your legal name, and if you have, you should have supporting documents to show the change.

There are cases where people lack passports because they lost their previous documents. In these cases, we require that you provide us with records such as your birth certificate and other identification papers. You would also need to state the cause of the loss. If your passport is damaged and has expired, you should not apply for a replacement. Instead, you should opt for a new document.

First Time Same Day Passport

If you do not have an existing passport and you wish to travel overseas, you will need to complete a DS-11 form and have all the supporting documents in place. This instance applies if you have not held a passport before or if you received your current passport when you were age fifteen or younger. It also applies if your current passport was issued more than fifteen years ago, if you lost it, or if you found it too damaged to be accepted.

If you recently changed your legal name within a year of your passport being issued, you can apply for a same day passport name change. Otherwise, the best way forward is a renewal. In both cases, you would need supporting documents.


Same Day U.S. Passport Services


Once you fill in the required forms, send the paperwork to Travel Visa Pro, and we will expedite the passport application on your behalf. Within 24 hours you will be in possession of a valid passport, and do not need to go out of your way to get it.

Before we undertake any passport processing, we have experts look into your documents in search of any errors that you could have made. In this way, we do away with any potential delays owing to mistakes. As such, you can get on board that plane in a matter of hours. Contact us today at Travel Visa Pro and let us apply for a same day passport on your behalf.