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Saudi Arabia Visa

Obtaining documents to legally visit the Middle East can often be confusing and daunting for business and leisure travelers alike. With Travel Visa Pro, getting a Saudi Arabia visa has never been easier.

Saudi Arabia visa services

Our team of travel experts has strong connections with embassy and consulate staff, ensuring you will receive the proper visa without the hassle. Whether you need a Saudi visa for Hajj or Umrah, one to visit and reunite with your family, or perform business in the Middle East, TVP will assist you every step of the way. Even if you require an invitation from a host, our staff can provide invites for approved travelers from around the world wishing to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia visa application form

Saudi Arabia can be one of the most difficult countries to visit for US citizens. Unlike others that allow visa-free travel or visas on arrival, Saudi Arabia seems to be off limits for tourists. The weather reaches boiling temperatures, with infrequent sandstorms and only five days of rain a year. Transit visas aren’t exactly utilized with Dubai being a more common Middle Eastern hub than Jeddah or Riyadh, leaving most of those seeking travel to Mecca and Medina usually falling under two types of visas: hajj and umrah.

Pilgrims wanting to travel for the annual hajj need to go through an intricate Saudi Arabia visa application process. In addition to the typical requirements like a passport valid for at least six months, a passport-sized photo, and proof of roundtrip airfare, women under 45 are required to name and provide information for a Mahram, and all pilgrims should be prepared to pay for services in Jeddah including guides, transportation, water, and accommodation.

Similarly, umrah visa applications are accepted year round with the same requirements, with the exception that they are only valid for two weeks. For both cases, applicants need to provide current vaccination records. If the applicant has converted to Islam, an Islamic certificate notarized by an Islamic Center must be presented.

Online visit visa for Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, there are no tourist visas available to Saudi Arabia. No matter which one you are applying for, be aware that Saudi Arabian embassies and consulates are inundated with thousands of applications for hajj later in the year, and may affect processing time.

Travel Visa Pro can help!

Our team of travel experts has been helping travelers perform umrah and the hajj for years, and have close working relationships to travel agencies to help our clients reach Saudi Arabia safely and legally.

Business and work visas to Saudi Arabia can be rather complicated, with paperwork required from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as your employer in the US. One of the major issues of getting a Saudi work visa is to have your degree authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Mission. The Cultural Mission is a separate entity than the Saudi Embassy; therefore, they have a separate process. Unfortunately, this is just the first step of many: a medical report and a police report are also required to work in the country. These may take several weeks to go through. If you’re confused about what to do and what documents must be authenticated prior to departure, come into one of our nine offices in the US.

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In addition, it’s always wise to consider registering your trip with the US State Department, especially in a country like Saudi Arabia where there have been incidents involving US citizens. Travel Visa Pro offers travel registration as part of our services.


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