Business visa to SAUDI ARABIA

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If there is one place you are almost guaranteed to have success in business then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would be a pretty good place to bet on, however if the thought of garnering a visa to the country puts you off any business prospects then never fear we have laid out the application requirements for a Saudi Arabian Business Visa.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

While your mind might be racing through meetings with prospective clients and future business deals, it is important to review and bear in mind the Saudi Visa requirements that we have outlined below for your convenience.
First off you will need to supply us with the original passport supplied to you and not a photocopy of your passport, you will also have to check before submitting your application that your current passport will not expire in a period of six months after the commencement of your travel to Saudi Arabia. You will also need to supply a passport photo that has been taken within the last three months and that is the correct size; furthermore you should include your official letter of invitation from a company within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to state your reason for coming and who the contact person for you at the company is. This should be accompanied by a fully complete Business Visa application form, that has been printed and signed and has no sections that are empty, if something does not apply to your situation please select none or place Not Applicable in the section.

Expedited Saudi Arabia Business Visa Services

As you can clearly see there is not very many steps involved in meeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Business Visa requirements and yet these conditions do require attention to detail. This is why our panel of highly trained consultants will review and scrutinize your application for any possible pitfalls or errors in order to prevent any problems with the handing out of your Saudi Arabian Business Visa.

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