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Apostille certification is a requirement for travelers visiting countries under the Hague Convention for different reasons, such as employment, business, studies, and child adoption. In addition, this stamp certifies official documents to be used in a foreign country.

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Therefore, if you plan to travel abroad from Idaho, you may need an apostille certification. However, if you’re traveling to a country not part of the Hague Convention, you will only need an authentication certificate, which Travel Visa Pro can also help you acquire.

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For a midsize, busy state such as Idaho, apostille applications may be caught up in the bureaucratic processes. For instance, all Idaho apostille applications have to be mailed to the same address in Boise, the state’s capital.

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While mailing isn’t the problem, waiting is. It could take a few days or sometimes weeks to find out the status of your application, depending on the government backlog and other factors. This means that if you have a trip coming up in a few days or even hours, you’ll most likely have to cancel or reschedule, eventually ruining your travel plans.

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This is why Travel Visa Pro gives you the option to obtain apostille stamps, passports, visas, notarizations, and more, faster and from a central office. In addition, their expedited travel document processing service significantly reduces the time you’d spend moving from one building to another trying to gather all the prerequisites for an apostille application.

We have been in the travel document processing business for over four decades, serving Idaho and other states across the US. Our offices are strategically situated in different states and cities all over the United States, making it easier for Idaho residents to obtain apostille certification even for federal documents or those issued out of state.

Are you a resident of Idaho looking for the best apostille services in the state? Travel Visa Pro is one phone call, email, text, or chat away!