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Hawaii, one of the most beautiful in the United States, has a slightly different process when it comes to apostille certification. Here’s all you need to know about getting an apostille stamp in Hawaii.

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Apostille Certification in Hawaii

While most states have an actual Secretary of State, things are quite different in Hawaii. The Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii serves as the state’s Secretary of State. This official provides authentication services for all public documents issued by the state of Hawaii.

Some examples of these documents include probated wills, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and powers of attorney.

When seeking an apostille stamp in Hawaii, the state needs to know the country where you intend to use the document. This is because not all countries are part of the Hague Treaty.

When you intend to visit a country that’s not part of the Hague Convention, also known as the Apostille Convention, you will not need an apostille in Hawaii. Instead, you’ll need what is called a Certification.

Travel Visa Pro can help you get an apostille or certification in Hawaii quickly ahead of your international trip. Our team of travel experts will examine your travel documents and advise you on the best way forward.

The state of Hawaii allows you to submit your apostille request either in person or via mail. All you need to do is complete the Application for Apostille or Certification of Documents form, sign it, and submit it to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office in Hawaii.

But, there’s a catch; the Lieutenant Governor’s Office has the right to deny applications that do not meet state or federal requirements. To avoid such frustrations, Travel Visa Pro consists of a team of professionals who can review your application well in advance before submitting it to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

Apostille Services in HI

Our travel experts have years of experience in this industry, making it even easier to detect various issues with your application. A rejected application could mean starting all over again, which can be frustrating, especially if you have an international flight to catch pretty soon.

A good example is when you plan to travel abroad to take up a new job you’ve just been offered. In that case, chances are you’ll need to provide copies of your academic credentials. Providing such credentials is not even enough to convince your new employers; they’ll need confirmation from the US government that the documents presented to the foreign party are authentic. That’s the whole purpose of an apostille stamp.

As mentioned earlier, the process of requesting apostille in Hawaii is quite different from other states. Having generic information about apostille isn’t just enough to get you the stamp you need. However, working with experts, such as Travel Visa Pro, makes the whole process easier.

For instance, in Hawaii, apostille requests for birth, marriage, and death certificates can only be directed to the Hawaii State Department of Health. However, in some other states, the Office of the Secretary of State receives such documents.

This information could be the difference between canceling your trip or having a stress-free one.

Suppose you send a birth, marriage, or death certificate to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii for apostille. In that case, you’ll most likely receive a response from the state informing you that you need to send the documents over to the Department of Health.

This back and forth movement of information and paperwork could take days and sometimes weeks. If you have to catch your international flight urgently, you may have no other option than to cancel or reschedule.

Luckily, Travel Visa Pro allows you to focus on things like what you’ll wear for your trip, places you’ll visit, and not the complex paperwork. If that seems too good to be true, wait till you discover that Travel Visa Pro agents will keep you updated about the progress of your apostille certification so you won’t have to keep calling multiple government offices.

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