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Florida is no stranger to the travel industry; Miami is a major US hub for flights to the Caribbean and South America, and Disneyworld brings in millions of tourists from across the globe every year. Because it’s a major international destination and stopover point, the state is blessed with the infrastructure to match; consulates with visa services are scattered throughout the south, while the capitol building in Tallahassee remains in the panhandle.


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As a US citizen, you’re part of a country under the Hague Convention, a treaty which stipulates – among other things – international laws. For travelers, this means that documents, from birth certificates, university diplomas, and criminal background checks that were issued in the US may be recognized in certain countries provided an Apostille certification is applied. Such certification can often be necessary for those applying for work and business visas in countries under the Hague Convention: US citizens living abroad long term may need to have a marriage certificate with an Apostille to apply for dual citizenship. Criminal background checks issued by the FBI are required by some countries in Asia to apply for work visas.

What is an Apostille, and how does it work? When you need an official document issued in the US to be recognized in another country, you have to have it certified using an Apostille – if the country falls under the Hague Convention – or Authentication – for all others.

In Florida, there are a few options to sort through to get an Apostille. The office of the Secretary of State is next to the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee which can process Apostille certifications. However, these offices are only authorized to authenticate documents issued locally, e.g. Florida marriage licenses. Any other certificates or business agreements that extend beyond the state level must be processed through the US Department of State. Both are Apostille certification: one at the state level, one at the federal.

As for obtaining that certificate which allows your documents to be accepted in foreign countries, applicants have the options of mailing it in or applying in person. Unless you’re based in New England and have access to multiple state offices and all those in Washington DC within a day’s drive, this isn’t always convenient. Similarly, shipping documents to Tallahassee requires waiting a few days or weeks for them to be accepted, the Secretary of State to apply the Apostille, and to be sent back to you. When your travel plans may not include this extra time, factoring in everything else you need – a new passport, a visa to New Zealand – what are the options left to you? Mailing everything a piece at a time and hoping for the best? Most likely, you’ll be facing a delayed departure.


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Travel Visa Pro should be your first choice when you learn you need an Apostille with your visa application. Making multiple stops for passport photos, traveling across the state to reach the capitol, and scheduling appointments at consulates isn’t necessary when there’s a TVP office nearby. You need someone knowledgeable to handle every aspect of the bureaucracy, an office with professionals just waiting to help. Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts have over forty years’ experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need.

For many travelers, it all comes down to convenience. Would you rather handle your applications yourself for the first time, risking possible delays or even a cancellation, or entrust your documents to a company with a proven track record of demystifying the visa and passport application process? Apostille certification may not be impossible for business people or experienced travelers to obtain, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process or simply short on time, talking to Travel Visa Pro can make the difference between a smooth trip and total chaos.

Instead of sending in the applications you need one at a time, take the all-in-one solution of Travel Visa Pro. We can reduce the wait at every step by offering the services you need at just one of our offices. Even if you don’t live close to a major city, mailing your visa and passport applications and documents to the closest one can substantially reduce the wait time and eliminate the stress of traveling. Our services include Apostille certification, passport photos, passport renewals, visa applications, and travel insurance, among others.


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