Apostille Wisconsin

You may not be a stranger to local tourism and travel as a resident of Wisconsin. But when it comes to international travel, things are a little bit different. Depending on your reason for traveling, you may need an apostille certification in Wisconsin, and that’s where Travel Visa Pro comes in.

How To Get An Apostille Certification In WI

The process of acquiring an apostille in the Badger State can be quite challenging or easy, depending on the path you choose. The first option is to mail your documents to The Office of The Secretary of State in Madison or visit their offices during regular working hours.

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When requesting apostille certification from the Secretary of State’s Office, it is essential to specify which country you are traveling to. The Office then determines whether you need an apostille or authentication.

Countries under the Hague Convention require an apostille certification to determine the authenticity of official documents, while other non-member countries only require an authentication certificate. Therefore, documents with the wrong certification will most likely be rejected when used outside of the US.

Wisconsin Apostille Certification Requirements

It is critical to note that you can only get an apostille certification from the Wisconsin Secretary of State offices for State-issued documents, such as marriage certificates, university transcripts, and court documents. Additionally, the documents in question must have been issued by the state of Wisconsin or else they won’t be certified.

Also remember that the US Department of State, based in Washington DC, provides apostille certification only for Federal documents, such as:

  • Naturalization documents.
  • Criminal background checks.
  • Tax-related paperwork.
  • Among others.

To apostille these Federal documents, you have to send them by mail or visit the US Secretary of State’s office in DC. In most cases, you’ll need an appointment if you opt for an in-person visit, which is not only time-consuming but also financially draining. Also, don’t forget that you may need additional services such as printing, photocopying, and even passport photos.

Here’s another catch; the entire process can sometimes take weeks. As a result, you may have to delay your flight or postpone your trip altogether. Other times, you have to submit certain documents to the state or federal government one after another, which can further prolong the waiting time.

Why Travel Visa Pro?

However, working with Travel Visa Pro ensures you submit the proper documents for WI apostille certification in time. As a result, you can always relax and focus on other items on your travel checklist.

When you work with Travel Visa Pro for your apostille certification, you won’t have to worry about a conflicting work schedule, filing the wrong paperwork, or getting late for your visa appointment at the consulate. Our company serves the residents of Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, providing fast, affordable, and reliable WI apostille certification services all under one roof!

What Does Travel Visa Pro Do?

Travel Visa Pro comprises a team of experts with over forty years of experience in handling authentication, apostille certification, passport renewals, visa applications, travel insurance, passport photos, among other travel-related services. In addition, you do not have to worry if you are unsure about the exact certification you need between apostille and authentication; at Travel Visa Pro, we know the proper documents you need, depending on your reason for travel and destination. So if you are looking for fast and convenient apostille services in Wisconsin and its surroundings, we are just a phone call away!