Apostille Oregon

Oregon is a busy state with several airports offering local and international flights. For example, you can fly out to Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and South Korea from the Portland International Airport. However, when traveling outside the country, the process of seeking vital documents for studies, work, business, etc., can be time-consuming and tiresome. But, that shouldn’t be the case, especially when you contact Travel Visa Pro.

When Do You Need an Apostille in OR?

An apostille is a seal issued by the state or federal government to prove the authenticity of your public documents. Such documents will then be used in a country that’s a member of the Hague Convention.

Some of the reasons you may need an apostille stamp in Oregon include when:

  • Traveling abroad for business or work.
  • Applying for dual citizenship abroad.
  • Verifying the authenticity of your academic documents to a foreign government, employer, or any other relevant authority.

The Oregon state office of the Secretary of State issues Apostilles for notarized documents, vital records, school diplomas, transcripts, and more. For school transcripts and diplomas, the registrar or the person in charge of record-keeping should sign the document first before authentication.

How To Obtain an Apostille

Do you need your state-issued documents authenticated for use in foreign countries? Here is how to obtain an OR Apostille stamp.

Order Apostille Online

First, you need the original and certified copies of the documents, then pay the Apostille fee for each. It is important to note that the state attaches an Apostille for each document separately. After verifying the payment, you can present your documents to the Secretary of State offices in Salem.

Oregon Apostille Application Via Mail

You have two different options to deliver your documents to the Oregon Secretary of State offices for apostille authentication. The first option is to mail the documents through FedEx, USP, DHL, or any other courier service of your choice. After sending the documents, you will wait a week or two for the state to process and respond.

In-Person Oregon Application in Oregon

The other option is to drop the documents in person at the SoS office in Salem. However, this option is time-consuming, especially if you live in areas far from Salem, such as Wallowa in the far east.

This is where Travel Visa Pro comes to your rescue. We have been helping clients apply for visas and Apostille certifications for over 40 years. We will travel upstate from Union, Harney, or anywhere within the state and deliver ready documents to your doorstep. To get started, order an OR Apostille online or visit our offices along SW Salmon Street in Portland.

How To Obtain a Federal-Issued Document Apostille

The Oregon Secretary of State can’t issue Apostilles for some federal-issued documents, such as FBI background checks, federal court documents, tax paperwork, animal and plant health certifications, and so on. To obtain an Apostille for such documents, you have to send your original documents to the U.S Department of State offices in Washington DC.

We Provide Apostille Services for All Qualifying Documents

Are you a veterinary specialist seeking an Apostille to work abroad? Or an entrepreneur whose foreign business prospects need an authentic background check? Not to worry; Travel Visa Pro can help you obtain an Apostille authentication stamp promptly. Contact us today or walk into our Oregon offices in Portland for fast, reliable, and affordable apostille services.