Apostille North Dakota

When it comes time to travel for work or leisure, apostille certification may be necessary in any visa application or paperwork needed abroad. Travel Visa Pro offers assistance in filing out and processing the paperwork for many documents including marriage certificates, university diplomas, birth certificates, business contracts, criminal background checks, commercial documents, and official documents from the U.S. government.

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Why to apostille a document in North Dakota

One of the more common reasons for needing a certified document prior to travel is for work visa application forms. Some countries require foreign nationals to submit criminal background checks as part of an application to work, which may necessitate apostille certification.

Where to apostille a document in ND

Each U.S. state has an apostille office with its Secretary of State, while some territories offer similar services. These offices may handle documents issued by the state itself, but paperwork sent outside of the United States — for example, naturalization documents — should generally receive an apostille from the U.S. Department of State.

Choose Travel Visa Pro for apostille services

North Dakota residents living close to the Canadian border or hundreds of miles from the ND Secretary of State office in Bismarck may not wish to travel for hours to satisfy the requirements for a visa application form. With Travel Visa Pro, applicants will have a team of travel experts with more than forty years of

experience ready to apply for an apostille on their behalf.

How to apostille a document quickly

Travel Visa Pro staff can handle in-person applications at the ND state capital and may cut down on the waiting time often experienced with mail-in service. Rather than running to a pharmacy for passport photos, mailing a university transcript to the Secretary of State for apostille certification, and driving hundreds of miles to the nearest foreign consulate to submit a visa application, TVP can usually get it all done in one place.